To safeguard the integrity of the site and to protect its members, you must be approved by the Moderators prior to posting in the Market Place.

Admin will only approve selected Users - this is to keep the fraudsters at bay - genuine users will have no trouble gaining quick approval.

There is an expectation that members will have made a reasonable number of TKNZ postings and forum contributions (25) and have been a member for a minimum of 30 days prior to applying for seller status.

Please note applications are usually turned around within 48 hours.

Market Place Application Form:

Please copy and complete the below information in a PM to Admin and put ‘MP App’ in the subject heading. Lastly to make it easier to approve your membership please go to your user control panel and check the box beside 'Market Place' (in the right column) and then click 'Join selected'

- Prior history in trading watches please provide details of any sites used, your TM & other Forum User ID’s, and feedback record etc.

- Intended participation on the MP eg do you intend to buy, sell, trade..?

- Information about yourself eg watch history, favourite brands, etc.