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    cricket you say, we have cricket in Scotland but its not classed as a sport its actually classed as a homosexual martial art cultural diversity, thats what its all about.

    sorry, i think the nitrogen is reaching dangerous levels



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      I'm glad you're not a footy fan Jared. Means I'm not forced to dislike you for supporting the wrong team!! I'm a sports fan in general so while I'm not interested in everything, growing up in Sydney means I like my cricket. There's no doubt the current Aussie team is disappointing, but it was always gonna happen after they dominated for so long. I played rep basketball back in Sydney too so watched plenty of that over the years. NCAA basketball is still my favourite to watch and I still follow results come March every year.

      Wow your studies sound interesting. Of course its logical that literary works and the culture they came from are intrinsically linked. The number of authors that spring to mind for work like this is huge - Hemmingway, Coleridge, Dickens, Austen, Wells, Shakespeare, Dostoyevsky.................. I know nothing, but this would be the sort of stuff I could listen to all day.

      Make sure you sing out if you're ever in Christchurch or Auckland as there's always a few TKNZ members keen for an excuse to catch up. Take it easy.


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        Kulchar eh ?? English Literature ?? Irish Authors ???
        My very favouritist line from any book anywhere Author Brendan Behan Book Title I can't remember but the line was "I boarded a Dublin taxi ,judging from the colour and size of the cabbies nose it had cost him way more than the price of the taxi "
        Bambi .... Cricket is a martial art for homosexuals ???????
        I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it.

        Nothing is fool-proof to a sufficiently talented fool.