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  • Introduction

    Hi everyone,

    I thought a quick introduction was in order. Real name is Scott, I have an interest in watches (obviously) fine Scotch (currently drinking Ardbeg 10) and getting outdoors! I have owned over 40 watches from various brands; but currently own just 3. I tend to favour classic and simple watches, nothing over 45mm
    Favourite watch = Speedmaster pro
    Favourite brand =......Seiko! Currently anyway, so I know I will fit in here
    Fetish = Nylon straps
    Hate = Rubber straps
    Goal = To learn a lot more about Vintage watches and learn how to avoid inauthentic items, so hopefully the more experienced members will help me out (Think I may have been burnt before but not 100% sure)
    Really looking forward to participating, learning and making some more friends.

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    evening mate and welcome :thumbup:

    if you were going to own only 3 watches you couldnt do much better. there is a wealth of knowledge here and a stack of crap a mile high , biggest shovels seem to be owned by the forrest hill mob!

    enjoy and look forward to seeing your hobby become a full blown addiction

    p.s we have all been burnt at some point, this is how most end up finding this wee forum.
    “Strong people are harder to kill than weak people and more useful in general.”

    Despite having the numbers, there is the crazy man in the mountains that none of the tribes will go near!
    Always aim to be that man.


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      Hi Jewels,

      1) Great to have you, I know you're a good bastard & also very passionate about time, and its measurement :D

      2) Stoked you are 'Jewels'... I have a scrap of paper somewhere w/'Preferred Usernames' on it... from about 5-6 years ago, Rubis Jewels Pivots etc all feature!!

      3) I was concerned for your liver the other nite... its great to know its recovered, regenerated, whatever, just glad that you've made it through another no doubt incredibly good time

      Great to have another over-indulger to rib

      Timekeeper Watch Club
      Auckland, New Zealand, Pacific Ocean, Earth


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        G'day Scott.


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          G'day Scott........... Welcome

          Only one word of advice... keep an eye on Hman
          He means well in the extreme, but he's a fanatic
          Started me on this dreaded habit with 2 watches
          Now I have got just short of 40 and I blame him

          You may have just 3 watches now but watch out!
          This 'things' really contagious and pleasurably so.

          But you'll find this Forum's got some great WIS's
          And you are certain to make some great friends.

          Again,welcome........... Will 8-)
          The best watch is the one that makes you happiest... and tells the time.


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            Hi Scott,

            welcome to the crew, great to have you aboard

            "It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It can not be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell" - Buddha


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              Welcome Scott.

              Who is going to win the rugby tonight, Canterbury or Waikato?

              I don't care I'm from OTAGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
              All the best Richie


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                Welcome Scott, Great bunch on here,and its great to see your into vintage as I am as well, love em and iv got a bloody lot more than 3 anyhow enjoy and you will pick up a lot of information and bullshit
                'Man Invented time, Cyma Perfected it.'


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                  Welcome Scott,

                  I've tried to get down to only 3 watches but this place is full of enablers and it is a hopeless cause I think Sounds like you already know the best of them too so get ready for a new watch box or two Omega, Seiko and vintage watches are right up my alley too BTW :thumbup:
                  \"Everyone needs a hobby\" James Bond, Skyfall


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                    Welcome Scott, Your 'burned' inference sounds intriguing. Tell us more. There are a lot of us been there I'm sure :roll: If I can offer you some advice as it looks as though you might enjoy the amber nectar. DON'T DRINK AND BID
                    Preparation and planning prevent piss poor performance


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                      Welcome mate! Sure you will love the forum!!!


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                        Welcome Scott, Your 'burned' inference sounds intriguing. Tell us more. There are a lot of us been there I'm sure :roll: If I can offer you some advice as it looks as though you might enjoy the amber nectar. DON'T DRINK AND BID

                        Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. Yeah, don't drink and bid is good advice Captain, although I do indulge in both, simultaneously every now and then :D

                        Will, I did once have 12 watches at one time, but found I only wore my favourites. I can't think of a "NEED" for more than 3 also not having a large disposable income helps to keep the watch purchases in check. I am always eyeing up the next purchase though

                        Watch out for Harlan,lol ok..... find myself checking out his watches almost daily. Not sure my liver has regenerated H but it is recovered enough to drink some more

                        I like a lot more vintage watches than modern, but I find shopping for them daunting. I have possibly bought franken watches in the past, although I don't necessarily dislike them as long as I know what they are. If I was going to add more than 3 watches they would likely be vintage, but have a lot to learn still. I'm quite interested in learning about CYMA, I don't know anything about them but they look nice.

                        Thanks Brad, I'm sure I will.


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                          Welcome to the forum..

                          Look forward to meeting you if are able to make it to the watch meet in Kapiti on the 14th July..

                          Tony Lewis
                          New Zealand