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Rude not to introduce myself

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  • Rude not to introduce myself

    Kia ora all

    Brendon here. I've been on the forum for a while now but have been remiss in not introducing myself. I have had the pleasure of having a few dealings with Don and he has enlightened me immensely on a number of issues and has passed on a couple of his treasures for safe keeping. Phil has also been good enough to offer up something for my small but increasing collection.

    My main interest is in vintage autos. Have a couple of Omegas (Seamaster and Deville) Seiko Lord Matic, Titoni Airmaster (not too sure what to make of this one) to date (plus the Nighthawk - cheers Phil!) Looking for a SS beads of rice bracelet actually if anyone has one hanging about (19mm preferably). Missed Richards yesterday by a few minutes (very foolish of me!)

    Take care

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    Welcome Brendon. Interesting watches you have, we love pictures and tomorrow's Friday :thumbup:
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      Thanks Steve, I'm a rubbish photographer and just using the IPAD but hopefully this at least gives you a flavour. Looking at the picture it really doesn't do the pieces justice (not just saying that because they are mine!) and might be next to useless.

      Cheers again


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        Welcome to the forum Brendon.
        'I hope, when i die, my wife doesn't sell my watches for what I told her I paid for them.'


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          Hi Brendon, it was a pleasure dealing with you regarding the Nighthawk.
          welcome to the forum mate :D
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            Hi mate ,
            Welcome to the forum,
            Enjoy your time here and make the most it .
            Don't be afraid to put your 2 cents in .
            Lots of vintage fanatics here
            Rest easy Matty , My best Mate and Son


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              Welcome Brendon Always good to meet fellow vintage enthusiasts. Great collection you have there :thumbup:
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                Welcome Brendon :thumbup: :thumbup: I am now also now enjoying the vintage side of shiny things


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                  Great to see another person here who is interested in the vintage watches... Don't worry about your photographic skills.. They will always be better than the doctor takes...

                  Actually, most of us have improved our photos as a result of the challenge of seeing others..

                  Tony Lewis
                  New Zealand


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                    Welcome Brendon.

                    I'm sorry I sold the BOR while we were in negotiations but "first up best dressed" was my sale pitch. I'm sure there will be plenty more in time to come. Actually I waiting for the return from my watch maker for a nice 6106 7107 orange dial on BOR which you might be interested in?

                    All the best and welcome to the site.

                    Kind regards
                    All the best Richie