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  • Hi all

    hi everyone
    A friend of mine recommended I stop by.
    Ive liked watches for as long as I can remember, but know next to nothing about them so let me apologize in advance for all the random, dumb and strange questions. Not having a clue has never stopped me before so I decided to start my own modest collection, this is the part where I feel I should point out that Most of the watches I'm after you guys would call low end.
    The first watch I got for my "collection" is a Vostok komandirskie and the plan is to get a Seiko Flight Master very soon.
    thanks for reading and please be gentle with me.


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    Welcome Errol, we like all watches here (well nearly all ) and look forward to your contributions.
    “I want to touch base on how we’ll synergize the pivot going forward”


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      Welcome to the forum Mate. You will find the guys here very helpful.
      'I hope, when i die, my wife doesn't sell my watches for what I told her I paid for them.'


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        Enjoy the forum Errol.
        None of us are as smart as all of us.