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  • Hi All

    Hello everyone I have a Breitling Emergency as pictured in my avatar and I am not a new new member I have been around for about 4 years but not posted in ages.

    Hope to trade with people soon.



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    Hey Slashman good to hear from you,

    EMERGENCY!!! Quite a well known, and very cool wrist watch, definitely deserving the 'tool watch' handle, thats certain!! Often wonder when someone will start a thread about the BREITLING Emergency / Emergency Mission models being used effectively in the field, stories of actual deployment of the beacon etc!?

    Wondered too, have there been any rumours of a '406Mhz module' for these units to bring them up to 'spec' so to speak, 121 & 243 being I think now legacy frequencies... wonder if anyones looked at retrofitting 406 transmitters to them... then again many of the 406's seemed bigger than the average 121/243 beacons we were used to as yachties etc.... dunno if it is feasible, guess not probably?

    We've changed a few EMERGENCY batteries (both watch & transmitter have seperate cells), which is a relatively straightforward job despite what a BREITLING AD / Service Centre might tell you -certainly really cool models I remember oohing and aahing at the EMERGENCY 'full kit' (see below) when first I got my hands on one lol



    BREITLING EMERGENCY (from Partridges, Auckland no less) complete with its VCR Tape, Beacon Tester etc

    Definition of 'tool watch'?

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      Hey Harlan,

      Long time I bought the Breitling off you years ago haha.

      Yeah those pics are like a trademe advert for mine! I have not heard of it but the guy that I bought mine off in Morrinsville is an aviation industry worker coastguard I think and he had upgraded to the new Emergency which at the time was moonbeams to buy. It looks awesome is bigger than the first Emergency too.

      I had to get 3 links for mine from Partridges at $70 a link ouch haha for mine for my bear wrist.

      Then the stainless strap broke at the clasp so I roll with the supplied rubber one now.

      Still a great timepiece and I love it but I so miss my Omega.

      I changed the batteries myself also in mine as the watch part stopped but I have never tested the 121 even with the supplied tester. Mine is an old old version also as it came with the VHS Tape not the CD like newer ones did.

      I always wondered if I had a choice if I would have gone with the yellow face or the graphite face or even the orange face.