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  • Hey! Introduction

    Hi all,

    Look forward to posting here and chatting about watches. Im not s serious collector just like them


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    Hi wassa32,

    Welcome to the forum good on you for finding us amongst the proliferation of giants out there!

    Looking forward to seeing whatcha got in the Daily thread or the Friday threads.

    Keep on ticking

    Timekeeper Watch Club
    New Zealand, Pacific Ocean, Earth


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      Cheers Harlan.

      I have a few watches i'd like to sell but I have no idea what they are worth. Where should I post about them?


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        Originally posted by wassa32 View Post
        ...Im not s serious collector just like them
        So... Do you mean you just like watches, or you just like serious collectors?

        Just kidding! Great to have a new member, and thanks for posting an introduction. Look forward to hearing about some of the watches you like. As for the watches that you'd like to sell, we can't tell you what they're worth--most watch forums don't do that--but can certainly help you find out more about them.

        Once you know more about them, it is not difficult for you to decide what terms they should be sold under.
        On the instruments we entrust to pace our lives, to bear witness to our days, and to be the keepers of the most precious thing we have... time.


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          I'm no more a watch collector than I am a t-shirt collector. I just happen to have too many of each
          If I think of something witty, I'll be sure to write it here.


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            Welcome and look forward to your postings.
            'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder' - but lets face it some people have better eyesight than others!


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              Welcome wassa32!
              ''Suum cuique tribuere,,

              ''Sic transit gloria mundi,,


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                Welcome aboard mate.....dive straight in all friendly people on this forum......
                While i'm not as good as i once was.....i'm as good once as i ever was.......!


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                  Im sure ive been here before, perhaps before the crash first registered circa 2012. I just saw the lovely CELUX production run, looks amazing and amazing price to boot. I have watched the listing will see what happens if Harlan is thinking about post auction offers