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  • Hello from Queenstown

    Hi guys,

    Breitling fan from Queenstown here. Mainly joined to try find a specific colour Colt from a few years ago that might be lurking around in someones collection. Got a bit of a birthday coming up and wanted to try find one before Feb!

    Hope you guys can help!



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    Welcome zqn1,

    If you are just after a specific dial color, maybe watch out on ePrey for a dial on it's own, and fit it to the model of COLT you covet... fitting a dial is easy-peasy and might be easier than finding a whole watch just how you want

    Good to have you aboard.
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      welcome zqn1, plenty of info and experience here to help you out


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        welcome and good luck with your hunt
        'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder' - but lets face it some people have better eyesight than others!


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          Thanks guys!

          My dream watch, since it works in so well style wise and work wise for me being a great field watch, is the Breitling Colt A17388.

          There have been a couple up on TradeMe recently but they have been the black dial only preference is to the blue dial which seems harder to come across in NZ hence why joining TKNZ to see if I can find one as I don't trust eBay or chrono24 etc.

          The pic is just one off the net but this is the style & model I am desperately searching for for Christmas!

          Click image for larger version

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            The blue is very good looking imo
            'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder' - but lets face it some people have better eyesight than others!


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              Welcome to the forum. Agree with you, amazing what a difference a blue dial can make... looks awesome

              Nice part of the country you're in, I'm actually just about to head to the airport to fly there this morning. Chur


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                Thanks for the welcome guys!

                Yes I love the blue dial and the fact its a decent size but not too big AND has 24 hour markers which is super handy in my line of work where I still get confused what hour it is!

                Here's hoping I can find one locally!


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                  So I couldn’t be bothered chancing it with the used market so I found and bought a the new Avenger Automatic 43 from the local jewellers in Queenstown.
                  Loving the color, styling and the 24 hour markers I’ve been after.
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                    Very nice too. Did Partridges in Queenstown look after you well?

                    Be great to see a few wrist shots from you with your new purchase on 'Daily Wrist Shot' thread

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                  From looking at the picture, dial seems to be a nice rich royal blue.

                  Cleaner dial also than the earlier pictured Colt.

                  Looks good on a strap, my main detraction from owning a Brietling has always been the bracelets.
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                    Nice pick up.


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                      Thanks guys! Yes, it’s a nice clean design and a classic Breitling look without being too flash.

                      The guys at Partridges are great, I have another Rolex I bought from the famed Bucherer in Lucerne always cleaned up by them.

                      Extremely happy to have finally found the Breitling ‘watch for life’ I’ve been after for many years.

                      Many daily wrist shots will be coming your way soon from its adventures around the mountains of home!


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                        Welcome to the forum zqn1. The blue colt looks amazing. Will keep an eye out for it.