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Mark McNamara aka yande - Not to be trusted - Sells fakes.

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  • Mark McNamara aka yande - Not to be trusted - Sells fakes.

    Watchuseek (WUS) member yande aka Mark McNamara is selling fake Omega Boxsets - the fake boxsets, beneath) handed to the NZ Police & were destroyed as the the victim refused to return the fakes to the scammer - eventually the payment was recovered purely as an exercise however.

    Here, & in most places, it's illegal to be in possession of contraband such as these counterfeit Omega Boxsets, illegal for them to be on-sold, illegal for them to be posted/couriered & illegal to send the across International Borders - obviously when a WUS member is defrauding him WIS mates the actions are entirely immoral & unethical.

    Counterfeit items like this might 'appear harmless' to the unwitting, the unwary or un-learned, these fraudulent items get used by scammers to make fake watches for sale appear authentic, the propensity for $10,000 losses is very high & in fact commonplace sadly.

    Scammer operates the account yande - the 'For Sale' post on WUS is here:

    Mark McNamara
    13 Sandpiper Place
    New South Wales 2536

    Tel.: 02 4472 1914
    Fax.: 02 4472 1914

    Lots of people ask about authenticity. I've sold around 30 sets, and not one has been questioned. I don't know where they come from, my best guess is out the back door of the factory that makes them in China for Omega. - Mark McNamara aka (now banned) Watchuseek Member yande
    I now buy a lot of stuff from China. All my labels and printing peripherals for the nuts. Next year we will be getting a couple of cubic meters in a container for a few ideas, and stocks that we want. - Mark McNamara aka (now banned) Watchuseek Member yande
    I now buy a lot of stuff from China. - Mark McNamara aka (now banned) Watchuseek Member yande
    A quick comparo proves all components of the boxsets including the dust cover, outer box, inner box, cards, etui, hang tags etc sold by Mark McNamara fake & can be purchased in China cheaply.

    Genuine on left, fake to right... straight away we notice outer box logo's are the incorrect font & are also positioned wrongly - the fake to the right has the '3 Year Warranty' logo printed far higher than it ought be, thats it lower right, on the fakes its printed about 10mm too high, Omega almost never ever alter details like this, as you will learn.

    Below is a genuine Omega Etui & its 2 cards (Omega do not issue the 3rd 'COSC' card any longer as its included in the 'Pictograms' card) - the 'Pictograms' Card identifies the features of the watch (Water Resistance, COSC, Date etc) & the 2nd card 'International Warranty' card has a special circular security hologram built into the card, it is positioned as you see about 1mm or so above the Omega symbol printed bottom right - genuine cards are never supplied in thin plastic sleeves - genuine cards have certain fonts, colors, printing qualities etc & positioning of features never change, note the differences w/the fakes being supplied in plastic sleeves, the hologram is thin sticker, the only similarity is the shape, a rectangle.

    Genuine etui, lower panel, logos above centre line of panel but see the fake has its logos printed poorly under the centre.

    Another genuine card, always the same, note fonts, logos, positions... the security hologram is securely built into the card.

    See the fake, a simple '2-D' rice paper wrap vs the genuine '3-D' rice paper wrap that folds up the sides to help prevent the onset of the famous 'Omega Boxset Leprosy'... the counterfeits are simple, cheap, easy, fake.

    Foam material is wrong on the fake... it is thin & cheap.

    Fake box has matte emblem, it is wrongly placed, and aligned crooked, wrongly detailed, stitching is spaced incorrectly...

    'Interior Vault Tab' is on the wrong side entirely, the liner is asymmetric, it can only go one way, the manufacturers of the fakes have built them backward..

    Another doozy:

    Companies like Omega seldom change designs, this beneath is another genuine item, from 4-5 years ago, identical to the new one we examined above, in all aspects, they have not changed the design, supplier, material, its all identical.

    Scammer says he is still getting business..

    From: Mark McNamara <>
    Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2014 22:41:40 +1100
    To: Harlan <>
    Subject: RE: Mark McNamara aka yande - Fake Omega Boxsets - WUS

    Oh mate,
    what a little man you turned out to be.

    Just this evening ventured to read the (obsessive) effort you spent in your attempt to character assassinate me.. My personal world is still getting over the quake!!!!!

    My motivation for that was bought up be another two inquiries to my ad on WUS, (Yep they still service me by posting my ad, although I am long banned)

    Full disclosure, of course, I told them about SMART HARLAN, HARLAN SMART, ROLEX whatever, and your other handles, and still, THEY call you a wanker.

    Mate, New Zealand is a tiny entity, you are in comparison such a tinier entity.. So you live on the theory of a big fish in a tiny sea. And I re-iterate, you get over your problems

    and perhaps you will be fortunate enough to find another human being desperate enough to live with yourself.

    Mate, I am honoured that you spent so much energy on me.. Harlan, mate, you really need to give your hand a rest and get a life...

    As far as your footbal comments.. Yep, you definitely have the mindset of someone that loves football.

    And mate.. You sure are an ugly fuck aren't you, I can only imagine what your parent look like! Poor cunt.(S). But I guess that explains your singleness.

    All the best..
    - Mark yande McNamara
    Timekeeper Watch Club
    Auckland, New Zealand, Pacific Ocean, Earth

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    The thread having been reported has now gone from WUS.. not sure how a thread posting for sale could remain after member was banned..
    Tony Lewis
    New Zealand


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      Mark McNamara the known fraudster is still emailing:

      From: Mark McNamara
      Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2014 01:46:02 +1100
      To: Harlan
      Subject: How's it going...


      Fuck, I'm still laughing at you.. Sure a discomfort.... but really. Is that the best you could do? I STILL made a PROFIT out of your DUMB ASS!! Yep, only just, but I did!!

      As if I have a reputation in the watch sales industry that you could, (from your tiny microbe of an island) impart upon... I just read that obsessive pst of yours.. Comment, no, I don't think I'd waste my time...

      Best you use that obsessive nature or yours, (perhaps the reason that you live alone, and no women could stand living with you) to try to find some woman, that, again, once you use that obsessive nature of yours, to pull her apart, hence, AGAIN, she leaves you.... Story of your life Harlan?? seems so!

      Seriously I'd give up whilst ahead. Go and get a head job from one of your mates that syou seem to love being with, in a very (questionable) way. Latent homo Harlan? Looks kike it!

      Mate, whilst you are at the Pub loving your mates company, I am cuddled up with a beautiful wife, loving every moment.

      Good things come to good people. I didn't double my money, but at least, after all, I made my money back!! Not bad, especially considering it was the Paypal guy guy that stated, "you can contest that"! Fuck. what a bonus. You loser.. I was going to just write it off. I mean, it was only a couple of hundred dollars. truly worth the time you took to take all those photos, post all those words.. Guess life is pretty boring for a single loser in NZ..

      You have a good one Mate.. Love the transaction. Heaps of entertainment.. hahahahahaha
      Timekeeper Watch Club
      Auckland, New Zealand, Pacific Ocean, Earth