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Brad Hendrie aka deewatcher aka quarterpast10

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  • Brad Hendrie aka deewatcher aka quarterpast10

    Aka deewatcher
    Aka quarter past 10
    Aka Lemmar Goodpasture

    PayPal ‘’ and ‘’ ... he was caught scamming on ‘watchfreeks’ and also ‘WUS’ and now TKNZ / Timekeepers New Zealand.

    Very persuasive person lucky I was in Europe and didn't want to have the extra hassle of importing and carrying the watch through customs or I would have done the deal and been $700 plus out of pocket ....

    Also lucky that the administration of this site were so helpful ....

    Just as side note the scammer justve-mailed me 10 mins ago thinking the deal is still going ahead

    If anyone wants the whole sad saga or has had any contact with this person feel free to share your experience here or private message me

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    Mmmm see he is a member here on TKNZ.

    Hasn't posted in a long time
    Rest easy Matty , My best Mate and Son


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      Yep this is where he contacted me.

      deewatcher account was made inactive by Admin & the posts were left online.

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