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  • Ilam watchmakers Christchurch

    I was lucky enough to be a recipient of excellent services provided by this business.They authenticated and shipped Rolex 116610 with upmost eficiency and courtesy. Erica and Geoff were so professional and helpfull and I can not express enough gratitude to their help. I recommend this business to anyone that need help with high end watches.

    Many thanks also to Harlan who has recommended them and provided the details.

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    Ilam in Christchurch have done either directly or indirectly a few jobs for me over time & have been great.

    Glad they were helpful again in this case Remiza, happy to have sent them your business.
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    Auckland, New Zealand, Pacific Ocean, Earth


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      Cheers to Ilam watchmakers .I was a bit surprised with lack of quality watchmakers in Wellington.Absolute joke as there was no one prepared to authenticate Rolex purchase 7 months ago when I picked up Rolex Zenith Daytona.Luckily Andrew in Partridges was very kind to check it for me even as I only walked in.I have purchased nice Yachtmaster DF while there :thumbup: thanks again to Harlan for his input


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        my experience has been rather patchy.
        I have only taken seikos, citizens and a couple of Nixons in for some repairs and battery replacements, and the service was rather abrupt for lack of a better word, and in one case, repairs hadn't been carried out after 2 months at the shop, when i rang the parts hadn't even been ordered.
        Maybe its a different service depending on the watch make, but i will be looking elsewhere next time i need any work done.


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          I would still highly recommend Ilam and would trust them with any high end watches.Excellent customer service and very friendly rates.


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            Ilam Watchmakers are in the (slightly difficult) position of now being pretty much the only watch repair centre in the greater Christchurch area. There are a handful of sole operators that mostly work from home, some of which are quite good, but many of them are part timers or semi retired. Ilam are official repairers for a few brands (Casio, Citizen, Olympic etc.), but still independent and they are VERY busy. I've always had good service from them and I'd say that the bad experiences would be in the minority. I certainly hope so anyway as we need independent operators like them so we won't all have to go through jewelry stores for watch repairs and get totally fleeced along the way.