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TKNZ Watch Grading System

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  • TKNZ Watch Grading System

    TKNZ Grading System
    - Created due to the need to standardise the grading of watches in New Zealand. Sellers had little idea how to grade their watches so many were greatly misrepresented . Buyers had little idea what condition watches purchased will actually be in upon arrival. Loosely based on a number of International Systems but greatly simplified and so easier for 'Non-Experts' to be able to put a simple grade against a piece. For 'used' watches – a watch never touched or removed from the box is 100% - take it out, put it on in the house it is 99% or less. The average watch on the wrist of the WIS is VG - Exc.

    LNIB 99%. Worn (likely 1-2 times inside) yet perfect condition – must have everything including boxes, manuals, AD Stamped papers etc - unsized bracelet – no marks other than factory.

    Mint 96-98%. Worn a handful of times (not 20 or 30) - in near perfect condition with signs of wear visible through low powered loupe. Working perfectly, keeping excellent time, needs nothing - may be an immaculate restoration or a piece with no papers otherwise LNIB.

    Near Mint 92-95%. Light signs of wear to case visible by eye – leather straps shows light use - bracelet may be resized, 100% original in every way, works perfectly, needs nothing.

    Excellent 87-91%. Evidence of use more visible than NM, 100% Original - No dents, dings, major scratches, strap or bracelet has little wear. Working perfectly, needs nothing.

    Very good 83-86%. Possible to have a very high quality redial otherwise all original – evidence of regular yet careful wear, needs no service except possible regulation – no major dings or scratches.

    Good 76-82%. Plainly used considerably however still quite wearable but could do with a full service, can have major scratches or dings, may not have 100% original parts, poor quality redial etc.

    Fair 71-75%. May not be running well enough to wear, complete but not all 100% original, needs service or refurbishment and appears a bit rough to the untrained eye even.

    Poor 65-70%. May or may not run at all, needs more work than ‘Fair’, missing parts, severely scratched, dinged – needs professional help.