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Market Place Rules

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  • Market Place Rules


    - Using the Public Forum for selling, buying or trading is not permitted.
    - Counterfeit Items are STRICTLY forbidden. If you have any doubts about an item ask the forum in the appropriate sub-forum.
    - Homage watches are acceptable. Fakes will not be tolerated.
    - Soliciting your items for sale via Private Messages is prohibited.
    - Linking to your own auctions is not permitted, in posts, signatures or otherwise. This includes eBay, Trademe and other auction-type sites.
    - Selling of personal items is only permitted in the Market Place. Instructions on how to gain access are posted here.
    - When using the “Want to Sell – Watches” forum mark the Topic/Post Heading with either; FS, FT or FSOT and then use the following template in the post:
    Condition: TKNZ%
    Price including shipping:

    - Before you post a sale, trade or swap item there is a SEVEN DAY WAITING PERIOD if the watch you wish to sell or trade has been the subject of a post elsewhere on TKNZ, with or without photos.
    - You may only have three (3) active posts on the TKNZ Market Place at a time (including "bumps") and no more than three (3) items per post. "Active posts" means the cumulative total of all your TKNZ Market Place posts regardless of whether they are posted as FS, FT, FSOT or WTB. This posting limit includes commercial sellers. If more than three (3) posts by a single trader are found to be active, the mods will remove the most recent post.
    - "Bumps" are allowed every 48 hours.
    - Post a TKNZ Grade (See Below). Post a clear full description. Post a price and leave it posted. Post the truth. Post in English.
    - Sellers are asked to leave the advertised asking price on the listing after the sale has been completed for the future reference of members.
    - Notify any change to the status of the watch (sold, withdrawn etc) with a post or a PM to a mod who will then alter the Topic heading.

    - Buy the 'User' not the 'Deal'. Ask for references, do your research and remember: If it is 'too good to be true' it probably is.

    Want to Buy, Sell, Trade, Swap or Lease a Watch?
    - To safeguard the integrity of the site and to protect its members you must be approved by the Moderators prior to posting in the Market Place. Approval is made by filling out the 'Market Place Application Form' (see below).
    - Admin will only approve selected Users, this is to keep the fraudsters at bay. Genuine users will have no trouble gaining quick approval.
    - There is an expectation that members will have made a reasonable number of TKNZ postings and forum contributions (25) and have been a member for a minimum of 30 days prior to applying for seller status.
    - Please note applications are usually turned around within 48 hours.

    Market Place Application Form
    - Copy and complete the below information in a PM to Admin and put ‘MP App’ in the subject heading. To make it easier to approve your membership please go to your user control panel and check the box beside 'Market Place' (in the right column) and then click 'Join selected'
    - Prior history in trading watches: Please provide details of any sites used, your user ID’s, and feedback record etc.
    - Intended participation on the Market Place eg. do you intend to buy, sell, trade?
    - Information about yourself eg. watch history, favorite brands, etc.

    TKNZ Grading System
    - Created due to the need to standardise the grading of watches in New Zealand. Sellers had little idea how to grade their watches so many were greatly misrepresented . Buyers had little idea what condition watches purchased will actually be in upon arrival. Loosely based on a number of International Systems but greatly simplified and so easier for 'Non-Experts' to be able to put a simple grade against a piece. For 'used' watches – a watch never touched or removed from the box is 100% - take it out, put it on in the house it is 99% or less. The average watch on the wrist of the WIS is VG - Exc.

    LNIB 99%. Worn (likely 1-2 times inside) yet perfect condition – must have everything including boxes, manuals, AD Stamped papers etc - unsized bracelet – no marks other than factory.

    Mint 96-98%. Worn a handful of times (not 20 or 30) - in near perfect condition with signs of wear visible through low powered loupe. Working perfectly, keeping excellent time, needs nothing - may be an immaculate restoration or a piece with no papers otherwise LNIB.

    Near Mint 92-95%. Light signs of wear to case visible by eye – leather straps shows light use - bracelet may be resized, 100% original in every way, works perfectly, needs nothing.

    Excellent 87-91%. Evidence of use more visible than NM, 100% Original - No dents, dings, major scratches, strap or bracelet has little wear. Working perfectly, needs nothing.

    Very good 83-86%. Possible to have a very high quality redial otherwise all original – evidence of regular yet careful wear, needs no service except possible regulation – no major dings or scratches.

    Good 76-82%. Plainly used considerably however still quite wearable but could do with a full service, can have major scratches or dings, may not have 100% original parts, poor quality redial etc.

    Fair 71-75%. May not be running well enough to wear, complete but not all 100% original, needs service or refurbishment and appears a bit rough to the untrained eye even.

    Poor 65-70%. May or may not run at all, needs more work than ‘Fair’, missing parts, severely scratched, dinged – needs professional help.


    Good Guys Forum
    - Please limit these to posts concerning TKNZ Members who you have enjoyed multiple solid experiences with. Remember it is best to PM concerned parties and do your research.
    - Caveat Emptor

    Non Watch Related Sale/Trade Section (Updated July, 2013)
    - This section is for the use of TKNZ members with Market Place rights to sell, buy or trade non-watch related items.
    - The TKNZ forum owners, administrators, moderators and their representatives are not liable for any matters, disputes or otherwise which may arise from the use of this section.
    - The forum administrators and moderators reserve the right to delete any posts or items which it considers inappropriate or offensive.
    - Members use this section at their own risk.
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