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A few watches open to trade with.

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  • A few watches open to trade with.

    hey all,

    same old story, too many watches, not enough wrist space.

    I've got a few which im ok with having out there as trade potentials - so i thought i'd post em up here and see if anyone wants to play ball.

    I'm not going to go into too much detail around the pieces re trade value, we're all grown ups here so just be realistic

    Longines Conquest - Auto - Ceramic & SS.

    box n papers

    deets -

    ive maybe worn it 5x and it was basically brand new when i got it.

    Borealis 300m diver - box

    seiko sun007 kinetic

    just never gelled with me and the kinetic thing is a pain in the ass for me too, i tried the electric tooth brush charger method but as mentioned, pain in the ass

    Tag aquaracer quartz - box

    pretty straight forward....

    baume & mercier 200m auto capeland (s?) - box

    actually love this thing, but just doesnt get the time really, so it might have to move.

    if anyone needs more info - holla

    link to other pics here - the ones in here not above arent for trade, but ya never know

    what am i looking for? the eternal question - it'd be cool to roll all these into a single something that'd break into the rotation - which is mostly my tudor, omega, rainbow and ball atm, but happy to look/entertain ideas - hopefully you can see what i have in the pics folder and get a sense of my style.


    El P