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SOLD: Vintage Orient mid size diver 469DC8-60 (NZ$175)

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  • SOLD: Vintage Orient mid size diver 469DC8-60 (NZ$175)

    Hello all,

    I have an interesting semi-vintage Orient diver for sale here today. This model and it's close relatives are often referred to as 'Chunky Vintage Mid-Size Orient Diver' on eBay and watch forums. I received this watch a few years ago along with a trade from Anzac. I wasn't expecting it, but he threw it in as he thought I might like it for a project. He knew he'd never get around to getting it going properly so was happy to pass it on. It was a little beaten up when I received it, but it was running and not too far off keeping time. I tried wearing it a couple of times back then, but it wasn't really usable mostly due to the heavily scratched crystal. Timekeeping was ok, but not great so it really needed a service and it was missing the 'day' wheel.
    Soon after I bought a cheap Orient dress watch that I thought could maybe donate its day wheel, but everything got stuck in a cupboard and forgotten about until I was having a clean out late last year and stumbled across it. Looking at it again I realised it was too nice a watch for it to just sit there and I really should investigate if it could be brought back to life.
    So I made contact with a well known forum member and sent it away for him to look at. He agreed that it was quite cool and was probably the rarer of the few similar Orient models from the late '80s and early '90s, so if the movement looked good it was worth servicing. I went ahead and had a full service completed and had the crystal replaced with a brand new one. In the process my esteemed fellow forum member was able to tell me that the watch needed a donor day wheel from this exact movement, not just any Orient 4696* movement. The one from the other watch I had provided for this purpose fit, but didn’t operate correctly. He was also able to tell me that it looked like this watch was all original, or at least all genuine and not a franken-Orient like those commonly seen on eBay.
    The job was completed and the watch returned to me in January. Since then I have enjoyed wearing it occasionally and have kept a look out for another 469DC* watch that I could possibly buy to pinch a day wheel from. What I've found is that 469DC6-60 watches come up fairly regularly on eBay. They look to be either refurbished franken-watches from SE Asia, or 'parts or repair' watches from Eastern Europe. Any one of these watches would probably be fine when all I want is a day wheel from it so authenticity isn't a concern, but I'm not prepared to pay $100 essentially just for a single part. The only one that has come available at a price I was happy to pay (around $50-60) was also missing the day wheel so that was no good to me. I'd be more than happy to hang onto this watch and continue the lazy search for the part in question, but I need to free up some funds for both a recent and upcoming purchase. The 'coolness' of this watch would most likely be completely lost on Trade Me muggins, so I thought I'd offer it to you discerning folk first.


    - Orient in house 21j auto movement (469DC*)
    - 38mm casewidth w/o crown
    - 40mm wide at 9-3 line including crown
    - 42mm wide at crown
    - 14mm thick
    - 60 click, unidirectional rotating bezel
    - Screwdown crown at 4 o'clock
    - 200m water resistance is untested due to age of watch
    - 20mm lug width
    - Quickset date, semi quickset day
    - Lumed hands and markers (lume is still very good for a watch of this age. Possible relume?)


    - Movement fully serviced with a warranty until January 2019
    - Crystal replaced with brand new crystal
    - Signs of wear on all surfaces, but watch had a very light and sympathetic clean and refinish at time of service
    - Bezel turns freely and clicks are firm
    - Screwdown crown operates and seats properly
    - Dial in good condition
    - Wabi on markers and hands, but possible relume done at some stage in it's life too

    That's about all I can think of. If anything else comes to mind I'll be sure to add it, but obviously if you have any questions just fire away. At 38mm with a dive bezel it wears fairly small so won't really suit big wristed folk. I've found it works best on a NATO or Zulu strap of some sort as this makes it sit up and highlights the 'chunkiness' of the watch. It's a solid and well made unit and may have been one of Orient's higher models at the time of release. I've priced it at NZ$175 including courier within NZ, but I'm open to reasonable offers. This doesn't quite cover what the service and crystal cost me, but with the missing day wheel I don't feel like I could ask for more.
    Even if you were to spend $100 on a DC6 to grab a day wheel you'd end up with a fully functional, fairly rare Orient diver that will probably never lose value. This particular model seems to be under the radar of collectors at this stage, but considering what I've seen the franken models going for on eBay this year there is obviously an awareness out there and plenty of people looking at them. Thanks all, photos to follow.
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    Here’s a few wrist shots. Please note the navy blue leather NATO strap is not included, but I’m open to offers for it as well if you like it. Otherwise it will come on a nylon NATO or Zulu of some sort.


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      UPDATE: I have added a bit more info to the first post above such as more case measurements so please check it out.
      Also I’ve had a look at strap options and the best one I’ve got is this plain black leather strap. It actually sits really nicely on the wrist on this strap so I will include it in the price. If you want the navy blue leather NATO please add $20. Cheers.


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        Zero interest so far. I thought the price was fair, but maybe not. Happy to entertain any reasonable offer as would rather this didn’t go to Trade Me, WUS or eBay.


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          BUMP and price reduction to NZ$150.


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            Bump. Open to offers.


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              On hold while on eBay.

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