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FSOT: AQUADIVE Poseidon GMT 1000M Automatic Limited #300 Dive Watch *MIB 99% NEW*

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  • FSOT: AQUADIVE Poseidon GMT 1000M Automatic Limited #300 Dive Watch *MIB 99% NEW*

    HI all ... I have a piece arrived prior to lockdown and not really bonded at all - <10 actual of hours wear and it's such a waste .... I don't even think its been outside?? so up for your consideration is my a Aquadive Poseidon GMT 1000M - I NEED to move something

    Purchased 2020-02-20 and arrived in NZ 1st week of March and minimal (hours) of wrist action. Boxed new complete with CD, and reg card ... super bezel dial colours with nice yellow GMT hand.... and of course super bright lume!! all mint condition.

    About Aquadive Watches
    Founded in 1962 during the pioneering days of recreational scuba diving, Aquadive Watches were renowned as dependable tools born out of necessity for divers who required the means of timing duration underwater. Now headquartered in Vienna, Austria,

    About Poseidon
    In 1958 Ingvar Elvström founded Poseidon. With a quest to solve a range of diving related problems, his innovative solutions placed him among the great entrepreneurial pioneers of the sport. For more information, visit

    Diameter: 43mm
    Lug to Lug: 50mm
    Case height: 12.5mm, overall height: 14.1mm including case back
    crown: 7mm
    Dial/crystal diameter: 30mm
    Bezel: 120 clicks
    Bezel material: scratch proof ceramic with full luminous markers

    hours minutes seconds
    second time zone GMT
    60 min elapsed time bezel
    1000 meter water resistant
    dual case back gasket
    dual crown tube gaskets
    floating movement shockproof suspension (rubber/spring)

    Drop me a PM with trade options .. or $ if you want to? Landed cost ~$3500 and open to offers?? Ideally combining/swapping/contributing for a Tuna - get in touch if you have a lonely SBBN021 or SD600

    For trade options - prefer divers style - Tuna SBBN021, SD600, etc.. and have a few more coming so could combine 3-4-5?

    Happy to send better photos rather than clog up TKNZ site. Will add photos today.

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    And some photos ...


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      and some more


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        and more


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          and the final 3


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            On TM now for the regular bezel kicking low balling watchers to gaze in amazement and ask me when the battery was last changed LOL $2900 ... any interest? $2500 delivered?
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              Price drop $2400 - will consider trade/cash.


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                $2300 delivered? happy for trade options


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                  BUMP - pre-Xmas sell ot trade?


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                    Open to offers gents ... Xmas isn't far away


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                      $2100 delivered


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                        $1900 inc delivery?? ... I think I may start wearing this LOL ... open to trades? trade plus or minus cash?


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                          Withdrawn - back in the box