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The biggest load of BS I’ve ever read in my life

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  • The biggest load of BS I’ve ever read in my life

    I got one of these emails from Trade Me the other day. Don’t recall ever getting one before (mostly cause I do actually follow the rules). What an absolute load of crap:


    Kia ora,

    I hope you’re having a lovely day so far! I’m just getting in touch about the auction for the 'Faema E98 commercial coffee machine - 1519575404' you've been interested in.

    I’ve just come across this listing and wanted to give you a heads up as I can see you’ve popped your contact details in the Q&A. You may not be aware that it’s a pretty big no-no to include your email address, physical address, phone number, web address, Facebook links, or other contact details in general listings on Trade Me. I’ve gone ahead and edited them out of the listing for you, no worries.

    I can totally understand why you’d want to pass on some details to a seller to sort things. That being said, we do have really good reasons for why we try to stop this from happening and I’m keen to explain them.

    The risk of giving out your info this way is that anyone on the world wide web can see this. That includes some pretty unsavoury types; scammers and other people that may not have the best of intentions. I know that you’re probably pretty savvy and wouldn’t think you’d get sucked in, but it’s been known to happen to the best of us! So we have this blanket rule to keep everyone safe. Check out our Trust and Safety blog for an example of a recent scammer who used that very information to dupe innocent individuals:

    You may have seen some listings on Trade Me including contact details. If you’re selling a car or a house, there is a safe place to put them where only logged in members can see. We make this exception because no one in their right mind would buy a house without checking it out first, right?

    The reason we don’t have that option for general listings is that by exchanging details, it’s likely that a quick cash deal may take place. While it may seem we’re worried about the fees here, that’s not where we’re coming from. The problem with doing a deal outside of Trade Me is that there’s no black and white deal like you would usually get when someone wins an auction. That means if things turn to custard our hands are pretty tied with what we can do to help out.

    If you're keen on being able to view before buying, you can ask to set up a conditional sale. This means that the winner of the auction gets to check things out without any strings attached. Most sellers are happy with this, especially if you’re going to be parting with a decent chunk of change. If the trade falls through after viewing, that's all good, just hit us up and we'll refund the seller's success fee so everyone wins and no one is out of pocket.

    Thanks for your time, keep in touch should anything crop up in the future. If you would prefer to chat in person, just call through on 0900 872 33. Please be aware these calls cost $1.99 + GST per minute but you are most welcome to email for free anytime.

    Ma te wa,


    Trade Me Support


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    Pretty much total crap. Keeping us all safe. Hahahaha
    'I hope, when i die, my wife doesn't sell my watches for what I told her I paid for them.'