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Slow boat from China

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  • Slow boat from China

    For anyone waiting for items purchased online over the last couple of months don’t lose hope. I bought this strap on eBay on March 10 and eBay told me it was shipped the same day. It arrived today with a postmark of March 10 on the pack. I really thought I’d never see it.

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    I think Don is approaching that kind of time scale!
    i got dispatch confirmation from Serica this morning at 7am and an email from DHL at 07:08 to say "delay expected"
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      Yeah things seem to be coming through. I got a painting sent to me from Arizona in mid March and it arrived yesterday...finally. It was marked as gift to avoid taxes, so I'm guessing things marked as gift are given lowest priority during this time


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        The next package has arrived. This was sent on April 25, so it’s traveled a lot faster than the last one. I’m still waiting on one more (non-horological) package that’s stuck in Shanghai according tracking. I don’t believe that info for a second so it could be anywhere.
        This is a bracelet for the Tangin. Just a cheap and cheerful bracelet, but I think it actually works really well.

        Click image for larger version

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          The final item that I bought online pre or during lockdown finally arrived on Wednesday. Bought and paid for on AliExpress on April 13, supposedly shipped April 14, arrived July 1. So if you’re still waiting for something don’t totally give up on it.

          This particular one wasn’t watch related. It’s a new hand coffee grinder-