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    Onto the Renaissance... the other one went down like the Titanic

    Another fine drop and whilst it shares the same malty raisiny notes and again a decent weight of 7.0 it also has a hint of smokiness coming through. If I was to compare these two beers to whisky, the McLeod’s would be akin to a strathspey, whilst the Renaissance come straight out of that peaty isle on the western shores.

    The label says this is a beer to be had with venison and lamb, I agree but I would also suggest this is a great beer with cheese!

    Very difficult to follow these two beers up with anything other than moving onto a whisky of course or something completely different. Most other beers will wither in comparison


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      Playing Uber dad and flirting between soccer academy, flippaball and waterpolo, followed by a bottle of beer on the kitchen bench on a Friday night clearly highlights the fact that I have no social life.... or I could just be retarded and no one likes like me “think”

      But it’s another Friday night and I have one of my favourite beers from those battle weary fields in Flanders, the 3 Monts!

      This is old school brewing with hops malt and sweetness delivering a massive flavours that has golden syrup, caramel and salty bittersweet hoppiness coming through on the palate with a hint of citrus.

      This puppy is backed with a whopping 8.5% taking me back the heady days of Tenants super and Carlsberg elephant beer!

      For all you young ones out there those were the preferred drinks of those frequenting Euston or King Cross station as a place to stay for the night.... fresh of the train from the North and no where to go

      The beers light amber colour disguises this as a mild mannered lager, but a litre bottle of this and even those with a robust constitution for a drop can’t help but feel the effects. Remember, a four pack of super will floor most!

      Asides from all that, this is a good, big flavoured, beer for the connoisseur

      I’ve found this locally in Farro’s and selected countdowns, it has come down in price recently and represents exceptional value at $12.99 a bottle



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        Felt like ages since I’ve had a beer but it’s only been a week!

        Having this wee drop while making dinner for the kids and concocting another strange mix to spice up broccoli!!!!

        A nice full bodied red pale ale that pretty much matches all it says on the handy graph!

        Plenty of deep rich malt flavours, a good balance on the palate and nice smooth head with a hint of toffee on the finish

        Not sure it matches broccoli but what the heck