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    Do not shower with the watch on unless the water is cold and soap or shampoo not that great for the watch.I have been advised this by PWC.Congratulations on nice piece.


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      Well tis a couple o years since posting this. Since then i gave this watch to my grandson haveing just graduated and started work as a Electrical Engineer. I noticed that when ever I saw him , this lovely watch was not being worn so I asked why! Seems its too heavy for him.
      So after much thought I swapped him my current wearer a 18k Gold Omega pie pan auto 561. (on Stretch gold filled Strap). I havent heard how he likes it...hes in Ch Ch.
      So I have my Rolex Sea dweller back in my care but the strap has had 2 or 3 links taken out (so I cant wear it). Sadly all I have now is the watch. no boxes etc.
      I am not joking..if anyone wants a nice Sea Dweller give me a PM and Ill post you so me pics