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Bremont Supermarine S500, initial impressions

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    And Jakem, I still think you ought to get the EZM13. Go on!

    Live long and prosper.


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      No EZM for me my pointy-eared friend, the beadblasted-kickarse-chrono part of my meagre collection belongs to the Kobold Comanche for the forseeable future.

      I don't think I'm quite finished with Bremont though... Its a brand I both greatly admire and that frustrates me - genuinely impressive original designs and excellent fit and finish but :
      1. Their marketing is way too try-hard. It actually turns me off rather than making me respect the brand. Surely just let the great watches speak for themselves a bit more rather than have endless commercial tie-ins. They also seem confused whether they are producing toolwatches or dresstoolwatches. I think its generally the latter despite the efforts they go to to try and convince us that Serious Type People use them.
      2. More importantly they need to look at other movements to get where I would like to see them go and really to live up to their own potential. A 36 hr power reserve for the S500 just doesn't cut it next to their obvious competitors...
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