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  • Pulsar Solar 4000

    Greeting all . I have a beater Pulsar Solar watch that needs a MT 920 Panasonic Capacitor especially designed to fit this watch .
    Do I need to buy one off E Bay or can I buy one here in NZ . They seen expensive so oversea`s post adds more , Many thanks

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    You should be able to get a replacement here, but you’ll need a watch repair place to do it. Ilam Watchmakers replaced the capacitor in my brother’s Seiko kinetic a few years ago. From memory they now use a lithium cell for better performance and greater longevity. Can’t say for sure, but I’ve just had two batteries replaced recently. Broadway Time Centre did one in an ETA quartz movement for me at $60 with a pressure test. Ilam Watchmakers did one in a Ronda quartz for $70 with a pressure test. Where are you based?


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      Manurewa , South Auckland


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        There’s plenty of reputable independent watch repair centers in Auckland that TKNZ members will vouch for. This list isn’t exhaustive, but here’s a few recommendations:

        • Broadway Time Centre - Newmarket
        • Precision Watch Co - New Lynn
        • Auckland Watch Co - Queen St
        • Milford Watch and Clock Repair - Milford

        There’s also a guy out Botany way that I think works from a home workshop. Can’t remember his name though.


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          Rex, who used to own Pakuranga watch repairs has retired and works from home over bucklands beach way and you could always post to Kiwidave!


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            many thanks .


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              If the special battery is unobtainable or ridiculously expensive, the watch should function on a regular silver oxide 370 watch battery.