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SRP637 Baby Tuna Crystal Replacement

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  • SRP637 Baby Tuna Crystal Replacement

    Hi all, I swapped the crystal in my Baby Tuna tonight and took a few pics, thought you might like to see! I picked up a sapphire double-dome with purple AR coating from Crystal Times. I've installed a double dome from DLW Watches before on my SKX, but found this one a much easier process & it only took me 15m from start to finish...! Maybe because I've done it before, but regardless this one seemed much more straightforward.

    And finally both my mod watches in a winder together. Not that good an AR shot but you can see the SKX has a slightly blue-er tinge.

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      That’s very cool! I would be keen to swap the crystals on a couple of my watches... but it ain’t going to be me doing it!


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        Nice work Thanks for sharing. Excellent photography too, BTW.
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          Thanks guys, this one was super easy to do with a crystal press and some YouTube research but I’m going to get it pressure tested before getting it wet. I did buy a replacement gasket at the same time but didn’t need to use it (this watch is only a month old)

          Thanks Don those pics are 100% the camera not me ..!


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            Looks great! Amazing what a sapphire crystal can do to the look/feel of even the cheapest Seiko.
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              Originally posted by sjb View Post
              Looks great! Amazing what a sapphire crystal can do to the look/feel of even the cheapest Seiko.
              Agree 100%, the joy of modding!!


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                Now that’s the joy of this hobby. One day I will have time and skill to enjoy modding. Thanks for sharing

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                  cset you are crushing it Sir, 10/10 great job, solid commitment

                  Pressure Tester.... hmmm..... nah unless the watch is old, or getting used in a spa pool, or in the dishes, it'll mostly be A-OK

                  My timer crapped out a few years ago, instead of replacing it with another uüber costly Swiss unit I got a #1900 Weishi MADE IN cheapaschips CHINA... and although the Weishi can't talk to my computer, it actually does all I need, really really well... I only want check a couple of things, I don't really need PC Integration, any level of sophstocation or a printer at all apparently

                  I've still got my old Bergeon 5555/98 pressure tester, I've had a few in addition over the (10-11) years but the 5555 Bergeon proves superior, it's gone the distance... you don't really need a lot of tools, not to do most jobs anyway.... and still the most expensive tools I have bought are a quality Bergeon ROLEX rotating ring tool ($$$), maybe the giant Bergeon press I have, a huge Bergeon case opener & maybe the #5555 pressure tester... I do have real costly screwdrivers but if you don't mind a slightly lesser performance & are prepared to file them/repair the heads a bit cheaper ones will do.... the best tool for the Omega Pro Bezels (or DAYTONA etc) is the HOROTEC case crab...

                  Great job on the mods, you have probably done a better job than 75% of watchmakers in shops who charge money for this job would have done.

                  Most important thing, IMVHO, is:

                  A: To genuinely care about the watch/owner &
                  B: To take your jolly good time & be wholly totally prepared before you (finally) start

                  Always, regardless, pays to look at a caseback (rear aperture) gasket... and treat it kind, don't stretch it, don't mess it up, don't get it caught... clean it & grease it (silicone grease)... carefully re-install the rear cover, mostly you will be golden

                  JM2CW because remember that basically I know nothing

                  PS: I'm no expert, but most watches I've seen fail a pressure test fail via the glass gasket as it see's UV.... crowns are next (due to the 'Crown Fiddler') while the last place for a watch to fail a pressure test is normally again via the rear aperture aka case back... again, YMMV
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