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Waywof Friday 19th

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    Hi everyone

    First photo was actually from the previous Friday in Hanoi after a beautiful Vietnamese meal. Bargain price! Bsically can have a feast for two for only US$20!!!

    Second one is in Qingdao in China last Friday. This is the home of Tsingtao beer. Sorry the watch is out of focus. Focus was elsewhere.

    Third photo is home sweet home today in good old Invercargill. Glad Mayor Tim got back in. When I seen him next, I will get a shot of what watch he is wearing for all of us.

    My faithful adventure watch is the Dievas Vortex. Cheers all! Bharat

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      Dons gonna hate me because I know he is a purist and like his watches in their original form .
      But I believe in taking the original and turning it into what I think they should have done in the first place .
      But only to a limit , I try to keep all my mods discrete.
      So the Sawtooth is on the wrist today with its Sapphire crystal curiosity of Harlan and the silver bezel has been swapped out for a black bezel .

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      Rest easy Matty , My best Mate and Son


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        Cool psyched I love people who swap watches out like that, awesome you're true WIS. The info on the Orient caseback is detailed and interesting isn't it Tony... like the bund, quite cool and very retro imo... I used to have my 1st Seiko carefully worn like that - as for Pete, that's a stupid question

        Harlan, How are you going to raise the glass to the gob tonite after wearing that monster all day :D :D

        Actuallly the numbers are on the watch strap..
        Tony Lewis
        New Zealand


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          Bharat, you are certainly the envy of us all. In particular, me, who really miss good Vietnamese food that you can find aplenty in Melbourne, and not the oily and bland Chinese-Vietnamese type you find in Auckland.

          Dons gonna hate me because I know he is a purist and like his watches in their original form .

          Not at all, Pete. ...I had many impure thoughts today. :roll:

          (though that's suppose to be normal, according to the Sydney Morning Herald, 16 Nov 2010, "...studies that suggest that men think about sex every three seconds, the sex part of their brain dwarfing the parts devoted to sport and cars or antique furniture (what about watches? ), ..."
          On the instruments we entrust to pace our lives, to bear witness to our days, and to be the keepers of the most precious thing we have... time.


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            5min till Saturday... I'm still in time 8-)


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              Cheap and nasty breitlings .24 minutes to midnite and you are signing the amex chit at a restuarant, you have had a fabulous dinner and the liqueurs finished off a totally awsome evening . All is right with the world. Suddenly you have this uncontrollable urge to check what day it is , you look at your expensive swiss chonometre and bugger me the bloody thing has jumped the gun and started to change date already so you can't tell if it is the 18th or the 19th and bang the stress takes over :evil: . What a heap of dung this watch really is but, the end of the world is not yet , In a fit of insanity and remembering the Breitling is really only fit for the tip , I will give you $1500 for it.... nice piece Phil without doubt the star of this friday's show :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
              I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it.

              Nothing is fool-proof to a sufficiently talented fool.


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                Agree Don. NZ has an FTA with Vietnam now and it also allows qualified Vietnamese chefs to obtain a 3 year work visa. Yes contemplating of looking into branching out from Indian curry to Vietnamese cuisine. Queenstown is just shouting out for one. All the very best!