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WAYWOF 22 Nov 13

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    Newbie for me

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      Just about to crack open one of my favourite tipples :D
      Some interesting photos this week and I think hakusan's Seiko shot 8-) edges bambi bashers hulk impersonation and Jims sultry and nuggety PRS 8-)
      Jake……I think you may need to see a professional
      As usual though, a fab snap shot of NZ wrist armour
      Have a great weekend :thumb up:

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      Preparation and planning prevent piss poor performance


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        Late posting....

        have a great weekend all.
        'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder' - but lets face it some people have better eyesight than others!


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          A grey old day in Canterbury today, inside for the rest of the day. Enjoy the weekend chaps.

          I like it Damon. Definitely want one of them some day. :thumbup:

          Liking the new bullhead Leroy - looks mint.. :thumbup:

          It was really hard to choose what to wear today...!
          A large haul of NOS Baaz watches has turned up - this is just the tip of the iceberg - and I havent even had a chance to go through them yet.
          A real coincidence that there was a thread about these watches recently...Id never heard of them prior to that and then suddenly

          Running out the door to catch the evening Welli sun but I'll put up a post tomorrow with the missing link in the Baaz saga- where they have been for the last 30 years - and investigate further what just arrived in a large stack of boxes on my living room floor !

          The white helmet isn't quite mint Jake, but it still has it's factory case lines so I'll take that over an excessively polished one any day. Great dial though, just need to find out if it's original now.

          That's quite a haul of Baaz watches you have there, I'm interested to hear more about that for sure. Someone was trying to sell one on Trade Me a year or so ago. He actually offered it to Harlan (for about double what it was worth ). H might remember that, or maybe not. I don't know a lot about them either except that they have some similarities to brands like Sandoz and Titus that have Swiss-Asian histories.