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She is wearing my WATCH!

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  • She is wearing my WATCH!

    I don't believe this but it is true, she is wearing my watch!!!

    Few hours back, when i came back home my wife was advising me that one of my watch is a chick watch.

    HUH? then she couldn't wait to drag me to TV and open her DVD "Charmed season 1" ( after few Fast Forwarding! shocking true. ops:

    Shannen Doherty (Prue), yes one of chicks from 90210 is wearing same watch as me!

    what in the hell~~~
    okay, Is that lady wearing men's watch?
    or is my wrist thin as my wife? sigh
    my better half will pick on me forever on this lol

    Anyone with similar experience?

    now i can't sleep..... oh i never liked Shannen Doherty to start with.

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    I wouldn,t complain if she woke up wearing my to me :P :P :P
    Rest easy Matty , My best Mate and Son


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      Ummm, this is where things get blury :? :D :P

      the whole boundary between the two seems to be getting a bit blurred

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      New Zealand, Pacific Ocean, Earth


      • #4 she wearing your watch...or are you wearing HERS?

        If its season 1...wikipedia tells me that it was filmed in 1998.



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          If by your first sentence you're referring to Harlan's post, that's HIS wrist - God help me if I ever develop hair like that on mine...

          No. I meant...if she was wearing it before he was wearing it...