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    The Omega Speedmaster Professional

    When I was asked to write a review about my ‘new’ Moonwatch, (Moonie), I had recently procured courtesy of Mister H, as you can imagine, I didn’t have a clue as to where to even start as the Moonie is a watch that I would think all watch enthusiasts would have knowledge of or heard about, and it is a watch that much has been written about, let alone many reviews having already been written. So even though I’d bought one which I was totally excited about, what in hell could I write in a review about a Moonwatch that would be in any way different? :?

    I decided that as I couldn’t compete with the many knowledgeable reviewers and their very knowledgeable reviews, why should I? Their reviews are available to all.

    So, I thought I would give you a pic of my new ‘Moonie’ and then maybe light the wick :evil: on a very topical subject of the moment, by doing a review again of; a Chinese watch that I’ve recently come across. IMHO, an absolute “CRACKER!”

    Firstly, ‘My Moonwatch’ (Sweet eh?)

    Now, ‘The Chinese Oulm 9415’ (Sweet & Sour?)

    (From the Oulm Company’s website)

    “OULM aspired to build China's preferred brand of fashion, agents in all major cities in China and points of sale.”

    ”The company has rich experience and high level technical, developer of watch making. More than 10 years, has been working with countries around the world watch industry experts conduct extensive contacts, exchanges and cooperation, with different levels of consumer demand, establish a mode of operation and management of its own.”

    “Post-sale service, as always carrying out "to honestly will win others' trust, to the nature will win" the management objective, will be sincere cooperates with the from all walks of life friend, hand in hand will advance together again will create magnificently”

    “Man made genuine leather fashion OULM European Men radium cool dual movement”
    Brand: Oulm European radium
    Model: 9415
    Movement Type: quartz watch
    Strap Material: Man made Genuine Leather :P
    Dial Shape: Other
    Watch Type: Men's Watch, GMT if two dials used :P
    Who sent for: boys, young men and middle-aged men :P
    Type of gift-giving figures for: Sports fashion beauty type :P
    Color Category: Black Brown
    Luminous: Healthy and harmless luminous hands :P
    Special Features: Compass and Thermometer (Non functioning) :roll:
    Watch price range: 300 yuan
    ATTENTION: Compass & Thermometer are just decoration (No function, but cool)

    (From NZ site)…. Listing #: 355587176
    This is a must have for the seriously bling-watch people out there....

    - Contains two Japanese quartz movements
    - Dual time zones, display in both digital mode & scale mode
    - Ornamental thermometer & compass (for show only)
    - Splash resistant (not for diving or swimming folks)
    - The strap is made of leather-lookalike polyurethane
    - Powered by 2*377 batteries (fitted)
    - Luminous hands

    This time keeper has a big heavy industrial look and feel to it, and makes a statement that is hard to miss.

    Full flat length = 280mm (big enough for a very large wrist).

    Across the pins = 57mm (where the strap joins either side).

    This watch is 65mm across the widest point of the face, and 55mm across the narrowest, and is about 12mm thick.

    At just over 3oz (90gm) each you know you have a watch of substance on your wrist.

    So there you are! I reckon even if all my watches were joined together like a Power Rangers robot/Transformer they would still be smaller than this monstrosity. And if you put some wheels on that thing you would have cheap transport.

    Never-the-less that’s it! The “compass and temperature”, (decorative only – no function ), watch with (man-made :roll: ), “genuine leather” strap. Said to be an excellently designed watch that “makes a statement that would be hard to miss” and would draw admiration from your friends and colleagues. Surely it'd make a great gift, if not for yourself then for your loved one! (But maybe not after you’ve given it to them eh?)

    For all this, (batteries included :D ), he wants just $25!! ........ Man, do you think he knows the true value of these ‘things’?………. Will 8-)

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    The best watch is the one that makes you happiest... and tells the time.

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    I reckon they must have come in significantly under their manufacturing budget targets. How else could they have afforded such a good chinese-English interpreter to convey the company ethos.
    Preparation and planning prevent piss poor performance


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      Come on CONFESS .
      Did you actually buy it
      Is this now sitting inside your watch box beside your Moonie .
      BTW Love the Moonie 8-)
      Rest easy Matty , My best Mate and Son


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        G'day Cap'n ....... I reckon you're dead right mate but how about: Preparation Plus Planning etc.....

        Yeah Pete I wanted to bid for it but, 1. My Manager wouldn't let me and, 2. My budget wouldn't let me.
        But real cool eh? (I'm referring to the Moonie of course)...... Cheers, Will 8-)
        The best watch is the one that makes you happiest... and tells the time.


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          Man made genuine leather I hope that is is not a new use for those executed prisoners
          I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it.

          Nothing is fool-proof to a sufficiently talented fool.


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            And another thing. I believe they have missed out on a valuable marketing tool. A 300mm satelite dish 8-) would not only have given them the potential to receive constant time corrections, it would have given the piece a more balanced aesthetic quality
            Preparation and planning prevent piss poor performance