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Waywof 30.03.18

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  • Waywof 30.03.18

    An old Ultrachron still whizzing round at 36000 bph for me today. Have a great weekend folks Click image for larger version

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    Preparation and planning prevent piss poor performance

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    “I want to touch base on how we’ll synergize the pivot going forward”


    • harlansmart
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      Nice watch Stevo_iwc. Whats the gizmo to the right, pepper grinder or...

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    Good Friday lads!


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      Never seen one of those before

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    Just love this watch... so much so it has been presented a new domey blu AR jacketed sapphire to get dressed in.

    Happy Easter Friday Ladies & Gents

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      Stunner in every way. Click image for larger version

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      'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder' - but lets face it some people have better eyesight than others!


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        Another Seiko. And I also just LOVE these ones - sometimes its a struggle to take it off and grab something else. Had the white one on last week and forgot to post the pic...
        Click image for larger version  Name:	30 March.jpg Views:	2 Size:	103.8 KB ID:	40752
        BTW what is wrong with ANZAC - saw a post he is in hospital?


        • rolex
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          In case you hadn't noticed that is a Grand Seiko.

          Only a retarded person (no offence to the lease endowed) but only a retarded person wouldn't like that watch.

          The Emperor had a small heart attack, when he realised just HOW MANY :ORIENTS: he still had to collect. He is apparently getting over the shock & should we all hope be back on deck too.


        • kiwi.bloke
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          Ouch. The one organ it would be nice to have a spare. Actually looking at one of the new 200m Orients now myself. Then again also tried on the new 43mm sea dweller last week. Got to get selling!

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        Click image for larger version

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        My karma ran over your dogma


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          Click image for larger version

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          “Strong people are harder to kill than weak people and more useful in general.”

          Despite having the numbers, there is the crazy man in the mountains that none of the tribes will go near!
          Always aim to be that man.


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            Ah, good, you're back on the flight deck, even if your watch isn't yet strapped to one of your body parts this counts as progress I hope!

            All going well hopefully, I've been waiting for a call about the SLA025 that I'm hoping you've already procured & are now getting sick of it and wishing to flip is quickly on

            PS: if you are not already back to 100% fighting fit then please do hurry up &


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              Don't forget, hold cursor over a smiley or an emoticon to see what it means or says i..e.

              Click image for larger version

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