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Clock time Rotorua for Omega servicing

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  • Clock time Rotorua for Omega servicing

    Howdy, I’ve not posted for a long time. Works been busy and my Planet Oceans been in the safe.

    I’d posted last year about servicing my Co-axial and had very insightful PMs from Harlan.

    Long story short, due to work/exams/general life, it got put on the back foot and I’m now based in Rotorua making Auckland less accessible for servicing options. End of the year I’m relocating to Invercargill at which point many things will be less accessible Therefore I want to get it serviced now before the move.

    Tess from Pilbrows Taupo on the phone today told me that they’re are not servicing Omegas currently as they are awaiting the outcome of an application to Omega to be an authorised repair centre. They need the correct tooling and their watchmakers need to complete the co-axial course. They’re hoping that in the near future they’ll be able to provide this service.

    I then saw that Blair from Watches on Broadway has relocated to Rotorua so I called today and had a chat. He was very friendly and straight up. Said he could service it for a very reasonable price with a one week turn around time. He did add as full disclosure that he now makes his own gaskets so he wouldn’t be using Omega parts for that. He said he fashions them on the lathe, they fit perfectly and he’ll pressure test to 100m.

    I’m inclined to go with Blair however I just wanted to put it to the community before I pull the trigger. I understand he worked with Nairn previously, I’ve seen good feedback here re:Watches on Broadway and I’m curious if anyone has had one of his custom gaskets before?



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    I can’t vouch for the custom gaskets, however many forum members including myself have had work done by Blair and have always been very happy with his service and results.


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      Blair is the TKNZ Member WOB and he is a very good bet.
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        He was very personable on the phone today and I got great vibes from him.

        I’ll drop it off Friday then. Looking forward to giving it some more wrist time again.

        Thanks for all of the feedback.

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          Used Blair a couple of times. Highly recommend his work.
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            I dropped it off this morning.
            Blair’s a really nice fellow. He took me for a quick trip into his workshop to show me his lathe and custom tooling that he uses on the gaskets. He makes them out of acetyl and was telling me he gets tolerances to a 1/100th of a mm if I heard him correctly.

            Should have it back in about a week

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              Got my Seamaster back today.

              Such awesome service from Blair.

              Not only did he get it back to me in less than a week, when I told him I was working shifts for the next few days and couldn’t collect until next week, he hand delivered it to me at the hospital within an hour of chatting to him.

              Will be recommending him far and wide

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