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Should watches be wound regularly ??

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  • Should watches be wound regularly ??

    12 months ago I bought a brand new watch for my wife, Longines Quartz movement, alas she did not want it, so much so that she didn't even try the bloody thing on, totally rejected I pulled the winder out, wanting to save the battery and put it in my safe for the past 12 months.

    Well I have decided to sell it and arranged an OBO arrangement with an extremely helpful sales professional who just happened to sell me an item that I am sure will please "my handbrake".

    Part of our discussions drew attention to the fact that the watch had been sitting idle for a year, she suggested I "fire it up" but alas no joy ...dead as a doe doe.
    She said that watches should be wound once a month.......really ???....

    So what is the general rule...penny for your thoughts please

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    I read your post twice to see if this was a trick question....
    You did say the watch was quartz. I’d suggest a flat battery.
    Winding mechanical watches once a month would keep the oils moving.
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    • #3 that I read my post I understand your confusion, yes it is battery powered, what I should have asked required a tad more clarification and explanation.

      Battery powered watches go or not go, pulling out the crown was a bloody waste of time, the battery was going to run flat, probably, regardless.

      What I should have asked referred more so to automatic watches and the fact that I have had a couple sitting around now unused for 2 years, should I have been winding them, every now and then??


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        Ok, opinions vary on this (as with most watch related stuff lol) but it is generally accepted that a regular wind will help preserve the movement and keep the lubrication where it should be. So the advice from the seller was good.
        I try not to leave mine for longer than a month or two.

        It’s not necessary to keep them continually operating on a winder and some opinions equate this to leaving your car running 24 hours a day which you would never do. Leaving them to wind down and sit idle between wears does them no harm.
        “I want to touch base on how we’ll synergize the pivot going forward”


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          A mechanical watch, worn or not, should probably be serviced every 3-5 years. Modern oils used in watches don't deteriorate as much over time without use.

          Watch winders are entirely redundant unless you a) own a highly complex watch e.g. an annual calendar or b) are really lazy and own a few watches which you want to be able to immediately put on & go when required.