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  • Vintage Zodiac Pandas

    I have been enjoying these three Vintage Zodiac Pandas recently. Clockwise from top left there is a Valjoux 7734, Valjoux 7733 and Valjoux 72.

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    All three are stunning. Top right would be my favourite.
    'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder' - but lets face it some people have better eyesight than others!


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      Nice collection Luther. I think I would go with the Valjoux 72. You have way too many nice watches for one man, so I can PM you with my postal address if you like, to help relieve the burden
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        Thanks Alex, that’s a very kind offer .


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          I woke up this morning feeling absolutely fine, but now, I have this itch for a vintage Panda manual-wind chronograph… thanks a lot! ...Seriously though, a beautiful trio you have there—congratulations

          Btw, for anyone here who likes the hand-winding chrono Valjoux 7734, it is technically still in production as the Russian-made Poljot Cal. 3133. I doubt it would continue to be for long, so grab one now while you can. Space-flight pedigree gets thrown in for free... Not so fortunate with the 72, so Alex definitely has a reason for wanting it.

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