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Omega Speedmaster Mark III - Glaswechsel

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  • Omega Speedmaster Mark III - Glaswechsel

    Hallo Männer,

    mir ist eine relativ gut erhaltene Omega Speedmaster Mark III angeboten worden, dessen Mineralglas am äußeren Rand (Glaskante) zwischen 10:00 und 12:00 Uhr ein wenig bestossen ist. Ich möchte das Glas beim Erwerb wechseln lassen - kann mir jemand sagen, was ich als Größenordnung für den Glaswechsel / Kunststoffringwechsel ansetzen muss !?

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    Sie können versuchen, in Großbritannien für Teile ofrei. oder Sie könnten auch an Schweizer Zeitdienste in Großbritannien senden. Wer wird einen kompletten Service für rund 400 Pfund tun.
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      Hi, and welcome to Timekeeper. deerworrier has already given great advice. Depending where you are located, here’s what I can add...

      First order would be to find an experienced watchmaker to carry out the work for you. I assume that you will require someone to help you replace the crystal, else you would not be asking on our forum. This would be my recommendation, even if you plan to source the spare parts yourself. The watchmaker would then offer one or more of the following choice:
      1. That he source the correct parts himself and he is accountable for the completed work, i.e. offers you a guarantee or similar for the work carried out. Provides a quote.
      2. You source the parts, and only if they are correct and fit perfectly, he will install them for you. Else, you will need to deal with the parts side of thing until rectified. Provides another quote.
      3. Depending on where you are in the world, you could have a 1-to-1 custom mineral crystal cut. This is usually done through, again, the said watchmaker, as he will need to send the watch itself to a crystal cutter. They are then accountable for the job, and a guarantee is provided. Last quote given.
      After you have considered the options and associated cost, you can then decide. This would also include the decision to leave the original glass as is, if it is only an edge chip. You will eventually scratch or chip it yourself anyway, so the original can live out its life fully before being replaced. Of course, if the crystal is cracked—whether a long crack or an edge crack—then the only option will be to replace the glass in one of the ways outlined above.
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