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What Are You Wearing On Friday, 17th July 2020...

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  • What Are You Wearing On Friday, 17th July 2020...

    Was a tad unsure about this one, almost deleted it out of the cart but went ahead. Glad I did, absolutely loving it. Can’t wait for patina to kick in. Pairs well, perfect actually with the Green/Brown 1967 Silicone strap that comes with the Green LE version. Strap is long anyway, but with the quite long buckle it makes it a perfect combo for my XL wrist, positioning the buckle perfectly for me. Strap and Dial are an almost perfect shade match and texture on the dial is really nice. Lume is so so.

    Enjoy the day folks, cold and crisp! Just the weather for cold steel (or bronze in this case).

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    Click image for larger version

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    Black Bay 36 today (and yesterday, and probably tomorrow). Have a good 'un chaps!

    Click image for larger version

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    If I think of something witty, I'll be sure to write it here.


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      beaut shot, solid piece too... looks purfect in this picture.

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    Another Citizen, but different, hands go everywhere while some are going back others going forward, think will have flick, have a good weekend.

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    'Man Invented time, Cyma Perfected it.'


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      Well, after weeks and weeks, I’m still with this one. I wonder sometimes why I have so many watches.

      Excuse the man gunk chaps. And that the pic seems to be upside down Maybe the forum gurus can sort that out.
      Have a great weekend.


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      Preparation and planning prevent piss poor performance


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        Went to the safety deposit box and dusted off a real heavy hitter for this Friday:

        In all seriousness though the A158 is a very easy watch to wear, I think I will always have one around. Working from home today so though I would change it up from the SARB that's otherwise taken up all the wrist time this week. Have a good weekend all!



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          A little bling, maybe put it on the bracelet later for full effect.

          Have a good weekend all.
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          'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder' - but lets face it some people have better eyesight than others!


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            Have a great day everyone

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            “I want to touch base on how we’ll synergize the pivot going forward”


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              Getting back into the habit of watch wearing for a return to the office next week.
              HAGWE TKNZers!

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                old but gold, like me !

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                  I spent the first decade of my watch journey looking backward.

                  Looking back at a bygone era of horology, of mechanical timekeeping, whose passing I had lamented. It was, after all, the early-1990s, and anyone in the watch world would have bet their last dollar on that demise being permanent. But the downside of looking back was missing out on witnessing the unveiling forefront of timekeeping technology, of chronometry, the peak of which, seems now to have passed us by, unmissed by watch enthusiasts today. One such leading edge of the 90s was the rise of high-end quartz chronographs, and in particular, the mecaquartz chronographs.

                  Those who have read my WAYWOF post from early this month ( ) are already up to speed on the players in the analogue quartz chronograph arena at the beginning of the 1990s. Seiko and Citizen were holding their own, with the latter also manufacturing quartz chrono movements for Breitling, and Jaeger-LeCoultre produced the IWC Cal. 631—the world’s first and, at the time, only mecaquartz chronograph. However, the drawback of these movements was their dependency on battery cell, and the more their chronograph function was used, the more the battery would drained. The production of the Jaeger-LeCoultre/IWC Cal. 631 ended in 1993 after only five years.

                  In 1998, Seiko addressed the short-battery-life issue by employing their AGS technology on what was to become the the flagship Kinetic movement, the Seiko Cal. 9T82 (1998-2010). Though the 38-jewel Kinetic 9T82 was fully hand-assembled at The Shinshu Artisan Time Studio alongside Grand Seiko/Credor 9F Series and Spring Drives, it was not a mecaquartz. What was one came a year later, from Switzerland—the Frédéric Piguet Cal. 1271, the world’s first column-wheel controlled mecaquartz chronograph. The F Piguet 1271 was used by Breitling, and equipped the very rare Breitling Windrider Chronoracer Rattrapanté. The 1271 was also the world’s only mecaquartz during its short lifespan, ultimately bowing out in 2002, but like the JLC/IWC 631, was somewhat limited by its reliance on battery.

                  Citizen, it turned out, had been quietly working away in their R&D on this very problem. At Basel World 2004, Citizen introduced the Eco-Drive Cal. E210 “Calibre 2100”, an 11-jewel multi-complications mecaquartz chronograph, which until today is the world’s only current production column-wheel controlled mecaquartz. The 294-component movement (for perspective, an ETA/Valjoux 7750 has 111 parts) is hand-assembled in Japan. Solar energy Eco-Drive was the perfect solution to the power-hungry high-end chrono and alarm complications, and unlike the Seiko Kinetic 9T82, neither requires regular wearing nor periodic capacitor replacements.

                  CITIZEN “PROMASTER E210” Chronograph Titanium PMZ56-2852

                  The irony of all this is that I first learned about the Citizen E210 around 2008 on the now-defunct Poor Man’s Watch Forum (PMWF). Yes, it was a “Poor Man’s” choice ...and, from 2010-2015, this poor man owned two of the international-release stainless steel black-dial AV0031-59E, plus brought in a couple more new units for fellow enthusiasts. Though used prices have climbed up considerably since, they could be had new back then, for under NZ$600. Citizen is a great equalizer, bringing the previously unobtainable to within reach of anyone who learns to see and appreciate—it has my respect.

                  Apart from SS, there was also an international-release titanium AV0021-52H available, but I personally don’t warm to the dial design. What was, to me, very desirable was the Japan-made JDM-only models in Ti Duratec (Duratec MRK) and sapphire crystal. I remember drooling over these JDM versions, but their list price of 105,000 Yen (35,000 Yen shy of a Seiko Professional 1000m SSBS018 “Golden Tuna”) was to me quite steep. Limited production span of these Japan versions subsequently made them quite rare to find on the used market.

                  But Patience rewards—as she does—and years later, I had the opportunity to purchase a Ti Duractec PMZ56-2852, which the previous owner in Japan bought new in 2015 as, what would have been, New Old Stock. The piece suits this poor man’s budget and outlook rather well
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                  On the instruments we entrust to pace our lives, to bear witness to our days, and to be the keepers of the most precious thing we have... time.


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                    Well done indeed.

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                    Another brilliant posts Don. Always look forward to seeing the next one and the fantastic watches that go with them

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                    Thanks, Tempus and Artemis12. Appreciate that.

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                  Click image for larger version

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                    hell thats a minter

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                  1st Spring Drive

                  (In NZL AFAIK)