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Commerce Commission Complaint Filed - Trade Me IP Team & PING

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  • Commerce Commission Complaint Filed - Trade Me IP Team & PING

    Have you or someone you know had issues with Trade Me’s Intellectual Property (IP) Team or PING Purchase Protection?

    A complaint, Case Number 547999, has been filed with the Commerce Commission about Trade Me's IP Team and their PING Purchase Protection, specifically:
    • Failure of the IP Team to accurately assess TradeMarked items
    • Evidence of bullying and intimidation
    • Members not receiving the Purchase Protection advertised by the use of PING as a payment form

    If you have had an issue with either Trade Me's IP Team or their PING Purchase Protection and want to make a complaint with the Commerce Commission as well, please see the below steps.

    The main complaint case number that has already been filed is 547999 - you can quote this when making your own complaint, so that your complaint will be grouped with those of other Trade Me members with similar experiences. Several other members have already filed and with enough cases, the Commerce Commission may initiate an investigation.

    Included below are also the address details for Trade Me that are requested by the Commerce Commission's online complaint form.

    Steps to file a complaint:

    Step 1: Click here to be taken to the complaint form or visit
    Step 2: Fill in your personal details on the complaint form and enter Trade Me's business details (shown below)
    Step 3: Complete the field marked 'Describe your concerns' - NOTE: please include a statement if you wish to submit your complaint in support of existing Case Number 547999
    Step 4: Upload any supporting evidence you wish to include
    Step 5: When all fields are completed, click the red 'Submit' button

    Trade Me's Details:

    Trade Me Ltd.
    Level 5, 2 Market Lane
    Wellington Central
    Wellington 6011

    Ph: 04 803 2600
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    Thank you for sharing this, sapphire.
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      Thank you, Don.

      The complaint was filed in response to on-going issues Trade Me members are experiencing, such as with genuine items being removed from the site, items consistent with replica being allowed to proceed to a successful sale despite being flagged with the IP Team - and issues surrounding authenticity dispute resolution between buyers and sellers that involve PING as a payment form, as well as evidence of bullying and intimidation.

      The hope is that with enough members coming forward to share their own stories, this may lead to an investigation by the Commerce Commission - and hopefully an improved Trade Me marketplace for buyers and sellers alike.