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    I want to get some simple tools to change watch straps and resize bracelets (seiko and strapcode kinda thing)

    Question is will the cheap sets on trade me do the job for occasional work?
    Recommendations or things to avoid much appreciated


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    Yep I've got one of those $30 packs of tools and never had any issues with them. the tools are quite cheap, sure, but it all depends on how good your technique is and if in doubt just tape up the watch as much as possible so you don't scratch it when working on it. it definitely beats going to a watchmaker every time you want to change a strap or resize a bracelet!


    • retlaw4
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      just adding to this- I initially bought it because I had an old watch which got moisture under the crystal. In an absolute panic, I phoned around all the watchmakers I knew and NONE of them were able to deal with it for at least a few days - "ah but the case back needs removing immediately!!" - no one cared.
      so I had to take it into my own hands and buy that cheap set and take the case back off myself. put it in a bag of silica gel and job done. Would only do this with my cheaper (<$1000) pieces of course

    • sladew
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      I had a similar problem with one of my old vintage purchases. I ended up loosening the case back a bit and burying the watch in a container full of uncooked rice. After a few hours in warming in direct sun it drew the moisture out...

      No, I wouldn't try that approach with an expensive watch. Well not unless it was an absolute emergency

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    Hi Ghen,

    Great question! I'd be interested in recommendations too.

    I bought a cheapie set of tools off TM. It's ok-"ish"... It included: spring bar tool, a case back wrench, a case knife, a movement holder and a couple of different options for removing bracelet links. It also included some small screwdrivers, etc. The quality is a bit poor. It was very easy to bend the ends of the spring-bar tool, but there were a couple of replacement tips included. The case back wrench is a bit sloppy, so you have to be very careful using it otherwise you could slip and scratch a case back. Overall, it kinda does the job, but only if the job isn't too demanding at all

    I was recently given several higher quality tools, but it's hard for me to see the immediate difference between the two sets of tools. These days I suspect a lot of tools are made in the same or "similar" factories, but I guess time might tell.



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      So this is what I got for $8.90 plus shipping (cheapest set I could find in nz)

      It’s as cheap and plasticy as it looks, but it got the job (resizing a pin and collar strap) done.
      im not planning on opening up case backs or anything like that, the only other things I would get are a loupe, and possibly a full size watch strap tool.

      The little punches, strap tool and strap block did the job fine, would recommend if you just want to do occasional resizes and strap changes.