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    afternoon all,
    I'm thinking about joining a cult and abandoning the puritan world of mech-quartz-spring.

    been looking at the Garmin forerunner 55 & instinct as leading options.

    my running days are long gone but I walk a fucktonne of Ks, cycle and throw heavy shit around.

    looking for anyone who has experience of the fancy buggers and general opinions on Garmin v suunto v polar.

    not bothered about the phone call and notification guff more interested in the GPS tracking, biomarkers (VO2 max - heart - pace etc)

    anyone care to comment.
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    I have a samsung gear fit 2pro
    bit dated now BUT has all the basic functionality and you can Bluetooth and download extra apps ,reads your heart rate,steps ,has GPS tracking etc only downside is you have to charge it every day ,so I just throw it on the charger at night and its good to go in the morning .


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      Garmin all the way. Had all of the others. Settled on the Garmin exosystem and personally a Garmin 6. Wife has a Garmin Vivoactive. Garmin 6 takes standard 22mm straps - so i'm in canvas heaven. Watch syncs well with the Garmin App which records and displays all the above requirements and also for the outdoors minded among us also links well with my Garmin 750 and with Inreach set up it's a decent hunting and fishing set up. Face is customisable - so you can get the tacticool displays to make it look like a G-Shock. For reference - Garmin 6 is the 47mm version - I think the larger version is well over what I want on my wrist and I did try a mates 6S for a week (he was a little old winger back in the day so not a huge guy and it was almost perfect as well at 42mm but I felt the 47mm had more of a life for me. BTW, this is the Sapphire version - which they sting you a few dollars ore for. Simple and straight forward USB charging cable.

      Click image for larger version

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        I used to have an old Garmin runners watch and I really liked it. Their app is easy to use and communicates well with Strava if that's something that matters to you. If none of that tech matters then Suunto is hard to go past. I've never known any Suunto owners that weren't happy with them.