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Cool new watch strap from Don

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  • Cool new watch strap from Don

    Hey members...

    Received my new "leather perforated watch strap" from Don.
    Good to have a source for nice quality leather straps.
    Very cool!

    Normally, I strictly stick to manufacturer bracelets, however this ads a nice change once in a while.
    Not too mention, it helps if I choose to save my bracelet from wear and tear.

    Thanks Don.. as you can see from the pics, it's working out nicely.

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    Thanks for posting the pics, Mike. :D

    Admittantly, I was drolling over your watches, as I'd seen the straps before ...they give your pieces a new sporty personality, IMO. I also prefer leather over stainless steel in the winter months.

    It was a very pleasant transaction, thanks to you.
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      That looks awesome!!

      I have my 1601 DJ on a OEM black leather strap while I decide if I'm going to bother getting a new Jubilee for it or not, and I have to admit it's a nice change. I'm actually now looking for a nice strap for my Speedmaster.

      Anyway, very cool.
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