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    I'd quite like this...

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    yes it's quite nice the new ones, but the size is just too big for my liking. IWC used to be small and simple... now they are trying too hard to emulate designs associated with Hublot and AP...


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      Hmm, i like the hand set, case design and the seiko-esk rubber is cool looking. what worries me is that WIS are never the target market understandably so. when the Vostok europe line came out with its diver it was obvious that it was a "take" on the IWC aqua line but now it looks like IWC are emulating Vostoks schemes to a degree. i know it isnt so but when i looked at the pic above my first thought was "looks like a Vostok"?

      that said, cool big diver :thumbup:
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        Doesnt do it for me
        Decided Im not a great fan of the IWC divers I have seen and handled. Seems like you pay a lot for what you get. Lume is awesome but the colour bezel combos dont really spin my wheels and I think Id get a bit tired of them... Personal taste of course.
        Love some of their simpler watches and Im keen for a classic from them one day but seems like the brand as a whole is getting carried away with redesigning the wheel - they had a great thing going so why f^&k with it ??
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          Good points guys. I must say I probably wouldn't fork out 20-30k for any watch unless it was for investment purposes (i.e. really rare or unique... or the actual Hamilton Ventura worn by Elvis, 'cos why else would anyone want that watch ha ha ha).

          As to the comment about redesigning the wheel, hasn't that always been the case? Given the subject matter (a smallish tool to tell the time strapped to your wrist) there is always going to be derivative looks to new designs. I'm just a newby, so I don't know if it's the market changing or my knowledge increasing ...slowly
          Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt.


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            I'm confused, according to IWC this dive watch is rated to 1o bar :? So a dive watch that isn't iso rated, is huge, quite ugly (imho) and costs $23000 NZD. And can't actually be used as a dive watch.

            Surely this is an early april fools joke? Someone please enlighten me.