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    Hi - I am the owner of an IWC, a Port Crono 3714 which has been in for servicing twice. From my experience I would never allow anyone other the IWC service agent in NZ to touch them. First of all he access to spare parts which is critical, he can provide a 2 year service warranty from IWC after an overhaul and he at least knows what hes doing. One of my watch servicings was required because an unauthorised person had mucked about with it. The turn over time you mentioned of 3-4 weeks is probably the fastest you will get anywhere in the world if you have been reading watch forums from europe.
    By the way theres nothing wrong with a watch with a bit of patina. It looked a nice piece.

    Welcome to the forum MTB,
    I think we all agree with you that it is best left in its current condition and not try to do a lot of restoration ,
    As the restoration could ruin a watch which has heaps of character .
    I do partially agree with you regarding the servicing , If you don't have a knowledgeable watchmaker in your area then The AD IWC agent is the best place to send it .
    However if you have access to an Old School Watch-Smith , these boys can do just as good if not better for a better price .
    Cash , as most a getting to retirement stage now
    Rest easy Matty , My best Mate and Son