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Wellington repairs?

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  • Wellington repairs?

    Hi All,

    I have a family heirloom Omega Seamaster that is in need of repair. I know there is an Omgea agent down in Christchurch but I'm very loathe to trust it to a courier (the sentimental value is priceless to me, otherwise I would).

    Can you folk recommend anywhere in the Wellington/Kapiti region that could competently repair it?

    Cheers in advance.

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    Welcome to the forum. Some pics of your watch would be nice so we can see what you have.

    Ian Daniels in Waikanae has serviced a few vintage Omega for me. He does great work and will look after your heirloom for you. He is in the phone book.
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      I can't seem to get any good photos with my phone sadly.

      I'd never noticed before but the back of it appears to be modified/damaged by being ground away on the sides (which would be entirely in line with the original owner of the watch lol) not to mention chipped in some places.

      The markings on the back are totally invisible in the pic but are

      The Omega Symbol
      Some sort of design I can't quite make out (its got some pitting/chipping in it)
      "166036-Tool 107"


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        I found some images on google using that tool number bit.

        Front looks like this: ... 0105lm.jpg

        Back sort of looks like this: ... 05back.jpg
        but as you can see from my pic has been quite heavily modified at the sides of the back. I wonder why my grandad butchered his watch like that..


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          I think that's just general wear and tear.
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