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Collectibility of the Calibre 10XX movement?

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  • Collectibility of the Calibre 10XX movement?

    I'm half looking at a watch on the local auction site and it uses the Calibre 1012 movement. I am assuming the non chronometer grade. From my research I have learned that the 1000+ series movements were the last in house Omega movements prior to moving to the ETA based calibres. They were also a move to what is referred to as hi beat or 28800 bph. Does this give them any extra collection value? Are these movements regarded as having less status because they replaced the very successful and highly regarded 500 series?
    I understand the earlier released movements had design faults but these were later rectified before the release of the 1012 calibre. Also Omega made 1.5 million of these 10XX series movements so are probably not all that "rare".

    Any local thinking on the relative ownership value of these movements?
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    I think the ownership value of the movement would depend on what it is housed in, with the watch viewed as a whole. The 1012 does look a bit….bland and utilitarian when compared to the 5's, but I don't think it would put me off, as they function very well and parts are available
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      Hi Guys, I wear one of these in a 200mtr professional seamaster dive case everyday and only adjust the time after about 5or6 months, LOVE it !!! Yes it does have a collectable value. Probably a grand.... Also see the Aussies have a forum as well. Regards