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  • Omega Jumping hour

    Found this on Epray So my favourite manufacturer is thinking outside the square Brand new and about 12k NZ

    Gender: Men's / Gents Model #: 4153.31
    Retail: This is one of those watches that is so rare that an exact original retail is difficult to determine. However, the same watch with regular round case, and without the jumping hour feature is around $20k.
    Color scheme: Solid 18K gold case and bracelet with a beautiful silver dial. Case size: 35X30MM

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    Most eBay selllers' words should be taken with a grain of... well, the whole salt shaker... and throw in the pepper shaker too.

    These are actually not new, Doc. They belong to the De Ville Prestige line of the mid- to late-1990s. You could say that they are rare, but for a very different reason. Much of the world just didn't care much about mechanical watches then, and so production volumes on mechanical watches were low to suit the low demand. The market that entered the Mechanical Renaissance first was probably Japan, so I won't be surprised if this De Ville was specific to such market. Of course, the other factor that kept them from being commonplace was their price new, which was on the high side.

    Here is my De Ville Prestige Chronograph with Cal 861, from 1994:

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      What a good looking watch, simple yet sophisticated love it


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