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Bond SMP on ISOfrane

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  • Bond SMP on ISOfrane

    Here's my Bond SMP on a blue ISOfrane 1968 rubber strap with a stainless steel RetroSicuro buckle. I purchased the strap direct, and with the 'free' registered airmail service, it arrived within 10 days.

    The colour is perfect for the blue SMP, and the overall quality of the strap and buckle, as many others have attested to, is outstanding. The vanilla scent is awesome!

    This beats the ISOfrane copy strap that came on my Yobokies Albacore hands down... the ISOfrane is firm but supple, the buckle holes don't stretch, and the strap isn't a lint magnet. And the smell is great.
    Getting the tail through the keepers for the first time was not the easiest, but I'm sure my technique will improve with wear. Once it's through, though, everything stays put nicely.

    At $137, this strap is great value. I wish I'd bought this strap a long, long time ago... If only my damn wrists weren't quite so spindly.

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    "at least it won't be a down-trou" - Dean Barker 07/09/2013 (PDT)

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    Strap looks awesome on it mate, like the choice of going blue over black, what size wrists mate?

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      6.5" wrist give or take.
      The ISOfrane style strap that came with my Yobokies Albacore is the one that made me wary of buying an ISOfrane as even the last hole on that one was too big for my wrist. However, after reading a few reviews, I learned there was a chance that on a reasonable lug-to-lug measurement watch like the SMP, I should be able to wear one. I'm on the third smallest.
      I think I'll be buying a few more ISOfranes.

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      "at least it won't be a down-trou" - Dean Barker 07/09/2013 (PDT)


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        Strap looks awesome on it mate
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