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  • International warranty card

    Hi Time keepers, I have a question for the Omegaians amongst you.On an international warranty card ,just below the date , above the Omega symbol,there is a printed number,can you tell me what that is a reference too
    Thank You

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    Some cards (not all) have this 4 or 5 digit number below the sale date of the watch. Apparently it refers to the country / area the watch was first shipped to. Example 2011 is the country code for the US.

    I think the layout can vary on the warranty cards depending on the age of the watch. Most seem to have 2 other numbers. One refers to the model and calibre of the watch called the "ref". The other is the serial number called the "watch number" on the card and should match the micro engraved number on the inside of one of the lugs on modern Omegas.
    There may also be 2 other cards for a modern watch. One which indicates chronometer certification if the movement is COSC and another with pictograms which indicate the features of the watch. The COSC card should have a serial number which matches the watch lug engraving and the warranty card.
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      Thank You that helps heaps