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Two Speedmasters

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  • Two Speedmasters

    Thought I would share a photo of two Speedmasters. The one on the right is mine . I bought it about 20 yrs ago when I got my first fulltime job. The shop had two so I bought the one on the left as a present for my father as he had always been into watches but being a good father had always put other things first .
    My watch has had a restful life , but my dads never leaves his wrist. Its there when he paints , cuts wood , fixes the car ,and it has the scars to show it. He has cracked the glass several times , and dropped it more than once ( needed a new main spring ) but he continues to wear it daily. I know he treasurers it and I am glad he uses it .

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    Your Dad must be like mine. He was given a Tudor on his 21st, last year I brought it up for Nick to ser ice and we found roof paint on it and mud under the clasp.


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      good on your dad, watches are made to wear not for care 8-)
      'why tip toe thru life ,only to arrive safely at death'


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        couldn't agree more , but sometimes when I see the speedy splattered in paint I think I should have given him a G shock


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          very cool - love seeing watches used. interesting patina on your Dad's vs. yours. Assuming he spends quite a bit of time outside.


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            Nothing better than a well worn watch IMO better still when they keep ticking :thumbup: