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  • Speedmaster images

    There are probably a similar number of Speedmaster images as cat videos on the interwebby thing, but here's my attempt at a few more..

    Such a beautiful classic watch! IMHO :D

    Took a bit of playing to get hand positions right on a watch that doesn't hack. Camera was on a tripod using the self timer triggered by a remote to avoid vibrations. So would set the watch a couple of minutes ahead of the time I wanted, place the watch, dust it (keeps coming back!), focus manually using zoomed in live-view on the camera, then watch the main and second hands come around and trigger the self timer the right interval ahead of the actual time wanted. Mostly got it right after a few tries. Played a bit with white paper as a reflector but still had some problems with reflections. After trying this for a while I look at photos of cameras in books with a lot more respect, it's not easy!

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