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Taking the Speedy on holiday to Cape Canaveral

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  • Taking the Speedy on holiday to Cape Canaveral

    Had a work trip to Florida last week so organised a trip afterwards to the Kennedy Space Centre by Cape Canaveral. Of course there was only one watch that I could wear...

    The main visitor centre has a bunch of rockets and related stuff and the Atlantis Space Shuttle, then you take a bus ride to a second centre by the (huge) Vehicle Assembly Building which has a full Saturn 5 rocket, lunar lander, moon buggy etc.

    Vehicle Assembly Building (where they put together the rockets and prepare for launch).

    Saturn 5. Kinda big.

    A local just hanging out in the road-side drain...

    More to come.

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    Touching the moon - or at least a small part of it:

    We were really lucky and go to see the crawler actually in motion (1mph...). This is the beast that shifts the rockets from the VAB to the launch pads. Truck in front is spraying water to prevent and sparks. Apparently you don't want sparks near rockets for some reason

    Apollo 14 capsule

    Lunar Lander

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      Yep, the Shuttle boosters are also kinda big!


      A few thrusters... and lots of ceramic tiles

      Looks like fun!

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        This was cool... this is the actual gantry that the Apollo 11 crew walked along to get to their capsule on the way to the moon. And I got to walk it. A bit closer to the ground than when they did it!

        The story:

        Just to prove I was there..

        And the Speedy Pro feeling at home:

        A great visit... followed the next day by an airboat trip to chase Gators. But that's another story.

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