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Kain Heritage - Leather Strap Review

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  • Kain Heritage - Leather Strap Review

    Hi all,

    I received this little beauty this afternoon and I am so impressed with it I thought I might write something about it!

    I recently acquired the Enzo Mechana EM001 from a TKNZ member and I wanted a heavy duty leather strap to play down the aesthetics of a massive tool watch.

    After trawling through numerous forums I came across Kain Heritage and I was really impressed with the selection and the pricing is reasonable, still a little over the budget I had in mind but with NZD heading south against the USD I went ahead with the purchase.

    Service 10/10

    I placed the order on 14/07/2015 and it arrived today 18/07/2015 from Hong Kong. They communicated in between via email as well.
    Packaging 10/10

    I couldn't believe the extent of the packaging! Airmail cardboard box, Leather case, Leather pouch and Warranty card!

    Product 9/10

    First thing I noticed was the smell of real leather! very well made and comfortable on the wrist. I selected the brushed stainless buckle, which is in perfect unison with my Enzo.

    The cost is $99USD + $6.50USD for shipping.

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    great straps
    Now I gotta go find where i put mine and find a watch to put it on
    Rest easy Matty , My best Mate and Son


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        DAMN. That looks spectacular on the Enzo
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          how does the leather feel on the wrist please, looks fantastic.


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            It takes a bit to bend the leather around the wrist. I am guessing because of the thickness but overall pretty comfortable.

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