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    I would like to ask all WIS in this small elite club 8-) , to generate a comprehensive list here of suppliers for watch parts, particularly in NZ . I am sure that I am not the only one on this forum who finds it frustrating trying to find a part :x , only to discover that there is one but it is in Uzbekistan and will cost 3 Gzillion bucks to send :cry: . Most of the parts I buy are sourced from the UK, USA or Europe. Is there anyone out there
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    Great idea Captain :D i also would like to know,
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      So I'm in my local jeweller / watch store yesterday and I got talking to the owner about vintage watches. He pretty rapidly worked out I knew a bit about old watches and when I showed him a picture of a W.W.W. Omega I just got he mentioned his father who recently died was a watch maker and the Omega authorised repair agent for Auckland for 30+ years from the 50s.
      During that time he amassed a massive amount of Omega watch parts which are all catalogued and sorted if anyone is looking for a spare part from those years. Stephen (owner) said he talked with his father who wanted the bits to go to people who are restoring / repairing old watches & said if anyone is looking for a specific Omega part they should contact him via the store’s email address on the web site and he’ll look for the part for you. Based on the conversation he’s looking to help people out with individual bits rather than sell the entire collection.

      I figured this information would be of interest to several Omega fans and the vintage watch repairers on this forum, there's no commerical benefit etc for me.


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        Thanks KIP for this little nugget of information :thumbup: . I started a thread called "parts bin" on the reference/reviews/tech board a few years ago but no info was revealed. Perhaps the green people (If there are any around) could move your post there. In any event, I have a couple of Omega projects on the back burner so I might give them a try.
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          and just today I was speaking to my local man who can who informs me he now has a source for Rolex parts and if I need anything to just ask. so stick my name down for a maybe fond a rolex part
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