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Where can I fond a new bezel for a citizen watch?

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  • Where can I fond a new bezel for a citizen watch?

    Hello all

    I’m sorry for the long sleep. I’ve been busy with my other passions, raising a family, adventure racing, skiing and not much time for time - gosh. I was at a BBQ last week and I noted (as a watch man dose) that a friend of mine had lost his bezel. I enquired as to why he had not gotten it fixed? He replied was. The cost of a new bezel was the same cost of a new watch! He obviously loves this watch, but he cannot justify paying the bezel cost. Anyway the watch is taking a beating.

    I’m currently “watch” obsolete (in regard to the watch MKT) and it would take me weeks to catch up. Can anyone help?

    I still have some tools, straps, parts and an average knowledge of know how. If I could get the parts cheap that would be a start. If any of you can point me in the direction of some Citizen parts that would be much appreciated.


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    All the best Richie

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    Hey Rich,

    Long time no see/hear. Hope you're well and enjoying some good turns this season. Your mate may have just got a price at somewhere like Pascoes or another jeweler. In which case the price will be at least double what he reLly needs to pay. Citizen NZ actually keep a good amount of parts, although it can be pretty hit and miss. You can ring them direct to see if it's available, but they don't sell direct anymore. I'd give Ilam Watchmakers a call as they are a Citizen agent. It might end up being cheaper to get one from overseas, but I've been pleasantly surprised before when getting Citizen parts in NZ so staying local is probably easiest for starters. Hope this helps, take it easy.